Stowe Things to Do: The Best Challenging Ski Runs

If it's wintertime in Stowe, things to do are going to revolve around the mountains. Luckily there's a shuttle that will conveniently take you from your cozy Stowe Bed and Breakfast to the resort. About 25 percent of Stowe's ski runs are classified as expert, making it great for those who are looking to test their skills. If you want something beyond beginner, here's a look at Stowe's most challenging ski trails.

Stowe Mountain Resort
5781 Mountain Road
Stowe, Vermont 05672
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  • Hackett's Highway - This trail is 2,000 feet of unpredictable ledges and gullies, so you may find yourself limping back to your Stowe Inn if you're not careful. Due to all of the dangers, this trail is usually only open when there's plenty of snow to pad the way.
  • Lookout/Upper Lookout - Lookout trail is 2,850 feet of fierce skiing, with ledges on one side and fall aways on the other. The trail begins off of Lookout Chair, and consequently Upper Lookout is not open when the chair is running. Otherwise, Upper Lookout offers a further 1,200 feet of insanity.
  • Starr/Upper Starr - From top to bottom, Starr is 2,400 feet in length and contains some of the resort's wildest hills, with a 37-degree pitch at the top and a 34-degree pitch at the bottom. Upper Starr is an added danger with its ledge to the right and double fall to the left. You'll have to hope you catch this 1,100 foot trail when conditions are right for opening it, otherwise you'll have to be content with Starr itself.
  • Lookout Glades - This particular run is a short stint at 1,300 feet, but it's steep, it's incredibly challenging and it holds lots of snow when conditions are good.
  • Liftline - This trail is the ultimate in Stowe things to do, as the left and right sides offer different style runs. There's also a natural staircase running down this 2,700 foot trail, so you may want to find a Stowe Bed and Breakfast with a jacuzzi bath to nurse your bruises.
  • National - National is a wide and steep trail with plenty of bumps to keep you occupied. The 30-degree pitch adds to the excitement, but don't worry about too many scrapes, as the trail holds tons of snow that tends to stick around until spring.
  • Goat/Upper Goat/Lower Goat - As far as challenges go, Goat and Upper Goat take the award for crazy Stowe things to do. They are arguably the most difficult trails on the mountain. Upper Goat starts you off with 1,000 feet of trail with an intense fall line to the left, while Goat itself is 1,241 feet of ledges, boulders, streams and a few moguls just to keep things interesting. Lower finishes you off with 100 windy feet of rocks and ledges.
  • Bypass - On this steep chute you'll have to contend with boulders, ledges and pine trees. The trail is essentially a steep 1,200 foot obstacle course.
  • Chin Clip - This trail stands as one of the longer ones on the mountain, going on for 4,500 feet. It's very steep, extremely winding and filled with moguls.
  • Freddie's Chute - You can take a quick trip down the 500 feet of steep and untamed trail that is Freddie's Chute. Be sure you know what you're doing before you start down.

That covers Stowe's most challenging ski runs. If you're looking for adventurous things to do in Stowe, you could certainly do worse than Mount Mansfield's double black diamond trails. Happy skiing!