Be Sure to See the Coolidge State Forest while in Reading

Centered within Vermont is Coolidge State Park. This massive sprawl of miles and nature is the destination of thousands each year. And BBOnline understands why: since its creation in 1925, it has remained untouched. It is peerless and it is wild. And, with over 21,000 acres to explore, it remains a perpetual favorite. There are attractions here that can be found nowhere else. Discover them and enjoy.

Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site
3780 Route 100A
Plymouth, Vermont 05056
(802) 672-3773

A quick journey from your Reading Inn brings you to the borders of Coolidge State and to the home of its namesake. Explore the life of the 30th President with this preserved farmhouse. It was here that Coolidge took his oath of office; and, with a collection of period paintings, artifacts and more, historians seek to explain both the man and the times. They succeed. It's a fascinating destination and not to be overlooked. It is only open from May 29 to October 17, however. Plan your trip well.

The Long Trail

Reaching over 270 miles (from Massachusetts to the Canadian border), the Long Trail's name needs no explanation. It is the oldest of its kind in the country and carves a path through Coolidge State. Visitors are recommended to follow it and marvel at the scenery. It is a sometimes strenuous path, however, and should not be attempted by novice hikers. Group travel is strongly recommended. Consult the Green Mountain Club for weather and maintenance updates. They change often with the seasons.

Killington Peak

From your Reading Bed and Breakfast, journey to the second-highest summit in the state. Killington is where the Appalachian Trail meets Vermont's beauty; and the consequence is spectacular. Visitors can explore the challenging rise (4,235 feet), chasing countless pathways and horizon twists. Winter is the recommended season, however, for this attraction. The Killington resort opens then and provides guests with championship slopes and daring runs. It's a skier's paradise.

Shrewsbury Peak Trail

For those seeking a true hiking experience, BBOnline suggests the Shrewsbury Trail. Wandering over 5 miles, it leads guests through the forest and toward the mountains beyond. Its steep elevation curve (3,500 feet) will offer a challenging climb. A collection of trees, bridges and ravines, its diversity will appeal. It is best traveled in spring and summer, however, as the roads are not always maintained during the colder months.

Black Swamp Trail

Taking hikers through the impressive spruce forests, the Black Swamp Trail is a gentler alternative. Though its elevation may rise past 3000 feet, the incline is slow and steady, making this path invaluable to those just beginning. Stretching over 2 miles, it offers unparalleled views of nearby Shrewsbury Mountain and also occasional glimpses of black bears in the spring. Caution is, of course, recommended during those months. Take heed of all ranger warnings and do not wander from the designated areas.

Coolidge State is a gathering of the wild and the wonderful. Since its creation it has not been altered or made common. Instead it has sought only one purpose: to please. It does.