5 Great Reading Restaurants to Try

The Reading restaurants are highly impressive and offer a peek into the local culture and cuisine. BBOnline recommends the following restaurants in and around Reading.

Seedhouse Cafe
37 Rt. 44
Reading, Vermont 05062
(802) 484-1815

Amongst the Reading restaurants, the Seedhouse Cafe is the one with a lot of historic significance. It is housed in Bennett's House, which has been a boarding and lodging house since the 1800s. Today, the Seedhouse Cafe is known for its homely atmosphere and fresh and delicious food. The chef's specials are what the locals look forward to. The garden gazpacho and the Greek salad will tease your pallet with its subtle flavors. The homemade pies will cast a spell on you. The restaurant does not treat vegetarians as second-class citizens. There are a variety of dishes from which to choose. The glazed carrots are a big hit amongst the vegetarian patrons. Head out early from your Reading Inn to get the best seating.

Keeper's Cafe
3685 Rt 106
Reading, Vermont 05062-9606
(802) 484-9090

The Reading restaurants are well known for the hospitality and service. Keeper's Cafe is a quaint little restaurant in Reading. Keeper's Cafe is said to have the best wines in store, in comparison to the other Reading restaurants. There is nothing overwhelming or overbearing about this restaurant. It is a pretty straight forward restaurant that serves exceptional food. The soup of the day at this restaurant is definitely a must try. The salads are unique, comprising steamed mussels, smoked bluefish and fresh greens. The sirloin steak and herb-marinated chicken are the stars at this restaurant. Do ask for directions before you head out from your Reading Bed and Breakfast.

Long Trail Brewery
5520 Rt. 4
Bridgewater, Vermont 05035-9600
(802) 672-5011

The Long Trail Brewery is just 3 miles away from Reading and worth a visit. The brewery is located in a picturesque locale and it doubles as a restaurant and bar. After a self-guided tour you must order the hamburgers here. The burgers are humongous and filled with flavor. The nachos compliment the beer and makes for a perfect snack. The best part of this restaurant is that you can eat by the river or during winter, the restaurant sets up a bonfire. The ambiance is divine and you can buy beer in bulk on your way out at this restaurant.

Prince & Pauper
24 Elm St.
Woodstock, Vermont 05091-1043
(802) 457-1818

Take this 3-mile ride from Woodstock to Reading to discover a dining experience like no other. The Prince and Pauper is a highly sophisticated and elegant restaurant in Woodstock. The Prix-fixe menu showcases the chef's creativity and the dishes will tickle your senses. The lobster ravioli and the smoked salmon will settle a heavenly bliss upon you. The fillet mignon is cooked to perfection and is served with spiced greens and peppercorn sauce. The Thai mussels and Vietnamese rolls are to die for. The Prince and Pauper is a great restaurant that specializes in both local as well as international cuisine.

Sam's Steakhouse

91 Rt. 103 S.
Ludlow, Vermont 05149-9777
(802) 228-2087

Treat yourself to the best steaks in Vermont. Sam's Steakhouse is located in Ludlow, which is at a distance of 2.9 miles from Reading. If you are in Reading, do not miss the opportunity to dine at this restaurant. This California tavern-styled restaurant serves the perfect steaks and chilled beer in town. The steaks are extremely juicy and are cooked to melt in your mouth. The best part is the price. If you compare the quality of the steak and the price, it is quiet a steal.