Recommended Green Mountain National Forest Excursions from North Bennington

The Green Mountain National Forest has been entertaining visitors from around the world, as it has several great recreational opportunities. This highly sought after forest is known for its unique and fun excursions. BBOnline recommends the following as the top excursions that must not be missed.

Green Mountain National Forest
231 North Main Street
Rutland, VT 05701

Moose Watching
Lefferts Pond, VT

Moose watching is a favorite excursion among those visiting the Green Mountain National Forest. The American moose is the most loved and highly sought after inhabitant of this forest. Moose sightings take place mostly during dusk or at dawn. These animals are active during the night. They are generally seen in groups and even though they might seem tame, it is advisable to keep a distance while watching them. Ask for directions as you travel from your North Bennington Bed and Breakfast to Lefferts Pond. December is the period when they shed their antlers, so it would make sense to go on a moose watching trip before that.

Silver Lake, VT

Having traveled all the way from your North Bennington Inn to the Green Mountain National Forest, it makes sense to set out on a hiking expedition. Those interested in hiking will be enchanted with the opportunities in this forest. You can hike along the various trails depending on your interest and skill level. The Silver Lake hiking trail is quite rustic, as you will travel on the old carriage roads and hike past the rocky shores and wooded forests. Get ready for an uphill climb to an elevation of 850 feet.

Lefferts Pond, VT

Lefferts Pond is the source for all around outdoor entertainment. It makes for a fun playing ground for those passionate about boating. The pond covers 55 acres and has a depth of 10 to 12 feet. Small boats can be carried to the pond from the parking lot or can be placed in the pond from Wildcat Road. Visitors can enjoy the calm and refreshing atmosphere at Lefferts Pond, as motorized boats are not allowed access here.

Batten Kill River, VT

Green Mountain National Forest is visited by anglers for its wide range of fishing spots in the form of lakes, rivers, ponds and streams. The Batten Kill River is one of the top fishing spots in this forest. Travel by foot to this fishing ground and enjoy some fly fishing. Even if you are into bait casting or spinning, fishing on the Batten Kill River will be fun and exciting. This river is known for its large number of brook trout and brown trout. A fishing license is required for fishing anywhere in Vermont.

Chittenden Brook, VT

Snowshoeing is a great alternative to skiing and could prove to be challenging. Chittenden Brook in Green Mountain National Forest is one of the places that has marked out trails for snowshoeing. Walking on the thick blanket of snow with special snow shoes requires the visitors to carefully distribute their weight. Dress in layers and check the weather conditions before you set out on a snowshoeing excursion.