Bennington Travel Guide to Golf Courses near Manchester Center

You may want to consult this Bennington travel guide, showing you some of the best golf courses near Manchester Center. It will definitely help you choose the golf course that suits you best. Here are some recommendations for you.

Equinox Golf Course
108 Union Street
Manchester, Vermont 05254
(802) 362-7870‎

The Equinox Golf Course is part of the Equinox Golf & Spa Resort near Manchester, which is one of the top Bennington travel destinations in the region. This is by no doubt the best golf course in Vermont. It has 18 holes. The greens and fairways are in perfect condition, so not only you will be able to play a great game of golf, but you will also have the chance to experience some spectacular mountain views and take a deep breath of fresh air. Keep in mind that soft spikes are required to enter the course.

Manchester Golf Course
229 Beech Street
Manchester Ctr, VT 05255-4301
(802) 362-3148

A great way to spend a relaxing day near your Manchester Center Bed and Breakfast is by visiting the Manchester Golf Course. This is a great 18-hole golf course, offering beautiful nature views, greens and fairways covered with fine Bent grass, and a wonderful golfing experience. The sand bunkers and tee shots over water around several of the holes make the course particularly challenging and intriguing to advanced golfers. However, beginners will be having a lot of fun as well.

Dorset Field Club
132 Church Street
Dorset, Vermont 05251
(802) 867-4002

If you are staying at a Manchester Center inn, you should seriously consider visiting the Dorset Field Club. There, you will be able to take advantage of a challenging 18-hole golf course that’s offering some scenic nature views. The Dorset Field Club is one of the oldest in the area and as such has established traditions, so it is very important that you wear acceptable golf attire when visiting the course. This includes golf shoes, Bermuda shorts and shirts with sleeves and collar.

Stratton Mountain Country Club
Stratton Mountain Access Rd
Stratton Mountain, Vermont 05155
(802) 297-4115

The Stratton Mountain Country Club is equipped with a splendid 27-hole championship golf course, offering a memorable golfing experience. The 3 separate 9-hole courses have their own specific challenges and characteristics. Each of them offers a different landscape (forest, lake and mountain). They are maintained really well and have lush greens and fairways. Playing a game of golf here is definitely a pleasant experience. The country club has a strict code of conduct and dress code, so make sure that you follow these, in order to have a wonderful game of golf.

Mount Snow Golf Club
Wilmington, Vermont 05363
(802) 464-2196‎

The Mount Snow Golf Club is another popular Bennington travel destination. It offers an excellent 18-hole golf course covered with wonderful Blue grass and offering spectacular countryside views. The course is really challenging, with water close to 11 of the holes and a total of 41 sand bunkers, around nearly every hole. The fairways and greens are in perfect condition, so you’ll be able to enjoy a great game of golf.