Arlington Travel Guide to Local Pubs near Manchester Center

You may find this Arlington travel guide to local pubs really useful when you're trying to discover a great pub in the area around Manchester Center. There are some excellent pubs nearby, only waiting to be explored.

Mountain View Pub
97 Main Street
Manchester, Vermont 05254
(802) 362-2336‎

A casual place with a fun and relaxing atmosphere, the Mountain View Pub is a great spot to go out and have a drink near your Manchester Center Bed and Breakfast. The people here are very friendly and always open to conversation. Along with the fine wines and high-quality Vermont brews, the pub serves some delicious appetizers. The portions are so generous that they resemble much more a main dish in a restaurant. A unique highlight of the pub's interior is the hundred-year-old grand piano, which is currently a pub table.

Mulligan's Pub & Restaurant
Rte 7A
Manchester, Vermont 05254
(802) 362-3663‎

Very calm during the day and alive during the night, the Mulligan's Pub & Restaurant is definitely a place that's worth the Arlington travel to Manchester Center. The pub is especially packed on Friday nights, when a DJ plays dance music and all the local residents gather here to party. Mulligan's Pub & Restaurant is just a great place to visit and have a drink, while enjoying some good American and Mexican food. The service truly isn't perfect, but it's decent enough to make you feel comfortable and well.

Marsh Tavern
3567 Main Street
Manchester, Vermont 05254
(802) 362-4700‎

Located at the Equinox Golf and Spa, the Marsh Tavern is a great place to visit close to your Manchester Center inn. This is a New-England-styled pub, serving excellent breakfast, lunch and dinner and offering a wide selection of drinks. It is a bit pricey for a casual place, but the ambience is really nice and you will feel very comfortable. The best thing about this pub is by no doubt the service. It is simply flawless.

Ye Olde Tavern
5183 U.S. 7
Manchester, Vermont 05255
(802) 362-0611‎

If you're looking for a classier pub experience, you should visit Ye Olde Tavern. This place is popular with an award-winning wine list and marvelous cuisine. The tavern is situated inside a wonderful 1790s colonial building that is only a short Arlington travel away from town. Another interesting highlight on the menu are the vintage cocktails. You will barely find something like this in any other pub. Ye Olde Tavern is definitely an expensive place, but it offers an unique experience that's worth every dollar.

Fat Spy Tavern
1 River Rd
Bondville, Vermont 05340
(214) 377-1322‎

The Fat Spy Tavern is located a bit further from Arlington and Manchester Center, but is a great place to have a drink and watch a game of football, surrounded by friendly crowd. The pub specializes in a wide variety of whiskey and local beer. The atmosphere is very warm and the service is good, so you will definitely have a great time visiting this tavern.