Around Cornwall: A Guide to Green Mountain National Forest

The Green Mountain National Forest is comprised of more than 400,000 acres of land. The mountain peaks and the rugged scenery make for a thrilling and memorable experience. You can spend an entire day at this forest observing the unique plants, birds and wildlife. The forest offers a back country recreation opportunity like no other. The following guide will help you unlock the hidden treasures of the forest.

Green Mountain National Forest
231 North Main St
Rutland, VT 05701


The Green Mountain National Forest is blessed with acres and acres of land. Each stretch of land has something unique to offer. The wildlife in this park includes several common as well as endangered species. Wildlife watching is a popular activity in this area. It has been called the safari land of Vermont, and visitors can encounter the settlement of Indiana bats, gray wolves, eastern cougar and the likes at this park. The best time to leave from your Cornwall Bed and Breakfast would be before sunrise, as you will reach the park in time to catch the animals in action.

Bird Watching

The Green Mountain National Forest is filled with lush green trees and landscapes that will win your heart. It is a major playing ground for migratory birds. Several of them make this forest their homes. Visitors can set out on the pre-designed bird watching trails. Keep your eyes open and watch as the bald eagles soar in the sky or watch as the falcon dives for its prey. Other birds that inhabit this forest are the rusty blackbird and Bicknell's thrush. It would be advisable to carry binoculars from your Cornwall Inn.


The wilderness trails in the Green Mountain National Forest offer several surprises to the visitors. The trails will take you face to face with the natural beauty that exists in the park. The waterfall in the Lye Brooke area of the park will take your breath away. It is advisable to get in touch with the park officials and get a trail map, as this hidden treasure can be difficult to find.


The Green Mountain National Forest is also a biker's dream come true. The wooded areas make it a challenging ride and the uphill rides will test the skills of many riders. The park has several riding trails that are well marked out. You can also ride along the various streams and ponds in the park. These ones are not as difficult, so they can be enjoyed by the entire family.


The camping sites at Green Mountain National Forest are easily accessible from your Cornwall Bed and Breakfast, if you'd like to spend a night or two outdoors. Backpack though the forest and lay out your tents in the designated areas. The forest officials go out of their way to make sure that you have a memorable and comfortable camping experience. Restrooms are available throughout the camping sites in the forest.