What to See and Where to Eat on a Brownsville Road Trip

If you are thinking about a Brownsville road trip you want to take some time to learn about what to see and where to eat when staying in the village. Whether you are passing through Brownsville on your way to the Green Mountain National Park or other points of interest in southern Vermont or are looking to spend some time on the slopes in the Aschutney Ski Mountain Resort, Brownsville is a good staging area and beginning for your trip.

A lot of the information needed to plan your trip in and around Brownsville, Vermont is described in very general terms in this article. You should contact directly the village administrative office (located in the Town of West Windsor) at:

Village of Brownsville (Vermont)

Route 44
Brownsville, Vermont 05037
(802) 484-7212

Places to Stay When in Brownsville, Vermont

Start your road trip by choosing a place to stay. You can decide to spend some time in any of the nearby Brownsville Tavern Inn and Brownsville Tavern Bed and Breakfast locations that are available. Click on the attached links in order to find the accommodations for your Brownsville road trip. You will be able to look at the different rates for your stay as well as availability, types of accommodations and the amenities that each inn or bed and breakfast has.

Things to See in Brownsville

Brownsville, Vermont is an unincorporated village located in West Windsor, Vermont. Sheep farms constituted a large portion of the early industry for the community. The West Windsor Historical Society in Brownsville provides information about the heritage and history of the village. Information for the historical society can be found at:

West Windsor Historical Society

Route 44
P.O. Box 12
Brownsville, Vermont 05037
(802) 484-7474

Finding Information on What to See

Brownsville, Vermont is located near many of the famous sites within the State of Vermont. 2 famous mountains, Mount Aschutney and the fabled Green Mountains are located in (Mount Ascutney located in Brownsville) and around (Green Mountain National Park located in Rutland) the village of Brownsville. The Vermont Department of Parks and U.S. Forest Service manage the 2 areas respectively and are an excellent initial source for information about the food offerings as well as sites and points of interest for you to see when staying in Brownsville.

Plan a Stay in Brownsville

The best way to find out what is available is to click on the attached links for the Brownsville Tavern Inn and Brownsville Tavern Bed and Breakfast lodgings and call to find out what is available. The inns and bed and breakfast locations will be the primary location for food, entertainment and information concerning what you can do and see when in Brownsville. Searching the listing of accommodations that are in and around the village will give you a sense of how to plan your stay and make the arrangements to have the type of vacation retreat and relaxing time when you decide to go to Brownsville, Vermont.