Find Your New Favorite Bristol Restaurant

There is just something about the restaurants in Bristol that keeps customers coming back. Perhaps it is the cozy, friendly atmosphere that every Bristol restaurant seems to have, or perhaps it is savory food in all of its glorious variety, even including tasty vegetarian options, that most Bristol restaurants offer. Whatever it may be, there sure is something delicious being cooked up in the small town of Bristol to suit every palate. Here are some BBOnline-recommended restaurants where you can relax and enjoy a good meal.   

Cubbers Restaurant
8 Main Street
Bristol, Vermont 05443
(802) 453-2400

Cubbers Restaurant is a Bristol classic, it could even be described as a landmark in the quaint little town. Founded in 1975, this friendly, local hangout has the best pizza in town. The crust is thin and crispy, not greasy. In addition to the great pizza, Cubbers makes excellent quiches and soups that are legendary in Bristol. Sub sandwiches, salads, and spaghetti are also on the menu. Portion sizes are huge at Cubbers restaurant, especially for how low the prices are. Overall, this cozy Bristol restaurant is a great place to get to know the town and try some local cuisine.

Bobcat Cafe and Brewery
5 Main Street
Bristol, Vermont 05443
(802) 453-3311

Beer is the specialty of the house at the Bobcat Cafe and Brewery. With 19 varieties of beer including lagers, pilsners, wheat-based beer, stouts, porters, ales, and bocks, you will be overwhelmed by all of the tasty options, and at $4 a pint, there is nothing to lose. The bar opens at 4 PM everyday. Just because the beer is fantastic does not mean that the food is average, either. In fact, the Bobcat Cafe's food is incredibly creative and delicious. Even the pub grub is out of the ordinary, with everything from "The Bobcat Burger" with Vermont beef, Grafton chedder, and applewood bacon to a falafel salad. Main entrees feature such classy dishes as miso marinated tofu tempura, Vermont raised venison and chorizo meatloaf, and roasted parsnip and chevre custard. The prices for pub dishes range from $10 to $12 USD, while main entrees cost anywhere from $16 to $20, which is quite reasonable considering the quality and quantity of food. If you're craving high quality, unique dishes, BBOnline recommends you hop over to the Bobcat Cafe and Brewery on your next vacation at a Bristol Inn or a Bristol Bed and Breakfast.

Snap's Restaurant
24 Main Street
Bristol, Vermont 05443
(802) 453-2525

This comforting Bristol restaurant is one of the most unique places on Main Street. Its colorful collection of furniture is sure to surprise and delight you, and if not, the outgoing staff will. Dining is "family style" and all entrees have reasonable prices. Breakfast is served until 2 PM and lunch is served from 11 AM to 4:30 PM. Free Internet access is available, so do not forget your laptop. One of the best items on the menu is the appetizer of fries made from fresh sweet potatoes, they are definitely something you should try at Snap's. Snap's Restaurant is an excellent place to go, especially as a family, while staying in a Bristol Bed and Breakfast.