Lake George Vacations from Bennington: 5 Activities on the Water

Lake George vacations will be incomplete without trying out some of the key activities. BBOnline recommends the following activities for your Lake George getaway.

Lake George

Parasailing should be a must-do activity during your Lake George vacations. Parasailing is an exciting way to watch the shoreline of Lake George and take in the scenic vistas. There are several outfitters that offer rental service for parasailing on Lake George. Regardless of whether you have indulged in this sport before, you are sure to have a great time. There are lifeguards and professional trainers on duty to ensure your safety. Make sure you carry sun tan lotion from your Bennington Inn.

Mountain Camping
Lake George

Lake George is blessed with several mountains that offer the visitors a view like no other. These mountains are the perfect camping ground, as they have all the facilities if you want a night out from your B and B. The mountains are highly accessible and provide facilities like restrooms, picnic areas and recreational options. The Adirondack Mountains are one such camping ground that has something unique to offer the entire family. This is the perfect way to experience the rugged outdoors.

Lake George

Lake George is home to several cruise liners that welcome visitors all year round. Going on a cruise will take you close to the lifestyle and the culture in Lake George. The scenic vistas and the cool fresh air will be a source of rejuvenation. Step out from your Bennington Bed and Breakfast after lunch and witness the romantic sunset, while on a cruise boat. There are several cruises that are designed for the entire family and offer several family oriented forms of entertainment on board.

Lake George

Lake George stretches for 32 miles and covers 28,000 acres. Fishing is one of the main activities on the lake. The lake is inhabited by the likes of landlocked salmon, northern pike, rainbow trout, smallmouth and largemouth bass. It offers both warm water as well as cold water fisheries to the visitors. Regardless of whether you are a professional angler or an amateur, you are sure to have a lot of fun at this fishing destination.

Lake George

The crystal clear water of Lake George will tempt you into kayaking. You can set out on the couples-only kayaks and row through the pristine water. Enjoy the alone time and take in the calmness that surrounds you. The number of motorboats on this lake is limited, and therefore you can have a relatively undisturbed kayaking session. There are several outfitters around the Lake that will help you with kayak rentals or provide you with training and guided tours if you wish.