Great Family Fun at Harmon Lake near Smithville

If you're planning to go on a fishing trip with your family to Harmon Lake, you should probably check in at a Smithville Bed and Breakfast. Harmon Lake is actually a reservoir that belongs to Bastrop County, Texas. This is a "no wake lake" so jet-skiing and using power boats is not possible. The nearest populated town to Harmon Lake is Alum Creek, which is about 3.6 miles away. However, if you and your family are planning to spend some quality time together, you can head over to Harmon Lake for a day of fishing and some other activities. Here are a few things you can enjoy with your family at Harmon Lake.

Harmon Lake
Bastrop County, TX


You and your family can enjoy a nice picnic at Harmon Lake while staying at your Smithville Inn. Smithville is about 9 miles from Harmon Lake, so it's best to be well prepared for your day. You can pack a nice picnic basket to take along for your family picnic at Harmon Lake.


Fishing is an activity that requires patience and also involves time, and Harmon Lake is a great place to spend some time fishing. If you have not brought your fishing rod, line and bait, you might want to take a trip to the fishing store in Smithville and pick up all that you will need. There are some portions of the lake where rocks have been placed and these places are great for fishing.


Swimming is another fun activity you can enjoy at Harmon Lake. The lake is about 40 feet deep and is perfect for swimming. There are some sandy portions of the lake where you can lie down and relax after swimming.


The path around the lake is wide and is good for hiking or taking a walk after lunch and exploring around Harmon Lake.

Buescher State Park
#100, Park Rd. 1E
Smithville Texas 78602
(512) 237-2241

However, since you're staying in Smithville, you might be interested in taking your family to Buescher State Park. This is a 1,016-acre park that is situated north of Smithville and is easy to find. You and your family can enjoy a day exploring this beautiful state park. Some of the activities at the Buescher State Park are; hiking, biking, fishing and boating (non-motorized boats). Boating is one activity you and your family will enjoy. You will have to use paddles as motorized boats are not permitted.

Vernon L. Richards Riverbend Park
107 Hwy 71 W 
Smithville, TX 78957
(512) 360-3338

The Vernon L. Richards Riverbend Park is another place where you can enjoy a day with your family. A good idea will be to plan a picnic at the park. Some of the facilities available at the Vernon L. Richards Riverbend Park are; camp sites, RV pads, picnic areas, pavilion, playground, rest rooms and indoor meeting area. You can enjoy a day of fishing, canoeing and kayaking at this park. If you like you can also enjoy a nice BBQ with your family at this park. You and your children can also enjoy a couple of games at the playground while you are here at the park.