Houston Must-Sees for NASA Buffs

Not only the largest city in Texas, Houston is also the fourth largest in the whole of the United States. As it is a vibrant and bustling state capital, any visitor's list of Houston things to do is sure to be long. The theme parks Six Flags AstroWorld and Water World, Hermann Park and the Houston Zoo will surely delight families. Shoppers will enjoy Galleria Mall while sports fans will have a ball at Reliant Stadium. However, for NASA aficionados, out of the many Houston things to do, the one that will surely stand out is a trip to NASA's Space Center Houston, Johnson Space Center's official visitors center. A day there will prove to be a good wrap up for a space-travel buff's stay at a Houston bed and breakfast. After all, Houston isn't nicknamed "Space City" for nothing.

Space Center Houston
1601 NASA Parkway
Houston, Texas 77058
(281) 244-2100

Space Center Houston is the sole place on Earth where visitors can go on an out-of-this-world expedition through adventures in outer space. While in this truly one-of-a-kind place in Houston, things to do abound. So make sure you get out of your Houston inn to visit Space Center Houston.

Space Center Theater

In a screen 5 stories tall, a film about a first hand account on what it takes to be an astronaut is shown. It shows the life of an astronaut through all its phases - from being notified of their acceptance into the training program to their first mission - complete with behind the scenes clips.

Blast Off Theater

This unparalleled theater offers an adrenaline rush, a multimedia sensory experience of blasting off into space as though you're a real astronaut. It also provides visitors updates on current shuttle missions and information about the Mars exploration.

NASA Tram Tour

Through this tour, visitors can see firsthand the authentic working areas of Johnson Space Center - from the Historic Mission Control Center to the current Mission Control Center, the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility to the Saturn V Complex at Rocket Park. If you're lucky, you may even catch astronauts preparing for upcoming missions.

Astronaut Gallery

Showcasing the world's best collection of spacesuits, the Astronaut Gallery is an exhibit outside Space Center Theater. Judy Resnik's T-38 flightsuit and John Young's ejection suit are but two of the numerous spacesuits you can see. There are also portraits and crew photographs of every American astronaut who has been in space in the gallery.

Living in Space

A hands-on exhibit that simulates an astronaut's life aboard the space station, Living in Space offers visitors the chance to test their skills in, say, retrieving a satellite. A Mission Briefing Officer gives a humorous live presentation that shows, with the help of an audience member, how seemingly banal activities like showering can turn into something complex in a microgravity environment.

Starship Gallery

The film "On Human Destiny," which highlights significant milestones in space exploration, is shown at the Destiny Theater. Artifacts chronicling the advancement of America's Manned Space Flight, from the actual Mercury Atlas 9 "Faith 7" capsule to the Apollo-Soyuz Trainer, are on display.

Kids Space Place

Themed areas and interactive stations will make children who have dreamed of going to space squeal with excitement. Kids can explore manning the space shuttle and jumping on the moon, which are but two parts of the exhibit.