Take a San Antonio History Day Trip from Dripping Springs

When staying in Dripping springs there are many different things that you can enjoy doing, including taking a San Antonio history day trip. This area is well known for it's history and has lots of different museums which might be of interest to you.

When visiting San Antonio you will be able to find out about the real history behind the battle of Alamo. There are numerous tours which you can do around the area to get the most out of your trip.

The easiest place to stay when visiting San Antonio will be at a local Dripping Springs Inn or Dripping Springs bed and breakfast, many of which are located around all of the major attractions.

Mission San Jose
6701 San Jose Drive
San Antonio, TX
(210) 229-4770

This is a Spanish mission which was founded in 1720; this is the largest Mission in San Antonio and is worth visiting for anyone interested in history. The mission itself is very impressive and has huge gardens which are beautiful to walk around; this is the second most popular mission in San Antonio after the Alamo.

Touring around this mission will give you a sense of how things used to be in the past. The tour guides are very knowledgeable and will help you to understand how everything used to work inside the missions.

San Antonio Walks
300 Alamo Plz
San Antonio, TX 78205
(888) 368-6874

If you want to learn more about the battle of Alamo then the San Antonio walks will be very popular. These walks will guide you through many areas of historical interest and will also help you to understand what went on where and when. You don't just learn about the battle, but you will also find out about the history of the town and Texas.

The tours start close to the Alamo and will go all over San Antonio picking out any areas of interest. When going on this tour wear a comfortable pair of shoes and make sure you don't forget your camera.

Natural Bridge Caverns
26495 Natural Bridge Caverns Road
San Antonio, TX 78266
(210) 651-6101

This is an amazing natural cave formation which runs underground. This is the biggest underground tourist attraction anywhere in the state and it's extremely popular with tourists. This is a great location to take small children who find these sorts of natural formations absolutely wonderful fun. It is important to go wearing good shoes because the climate inside the caverns is damp and it can be slippery at times. It's also very warm inside no matter which season you decide to visit in. If you wear a coat then you will probably want to take it off when you go inside so bear that in mind.

You will also learn a lot of history about how the taverns were discovered and what they have been used for in the past; it's very interesting and is worth anyone visiting.

River Walk
100 Villta
San Antonio, TX 78205
(210) 270-8748

The River walk is an interesting tour around the rivers in San Antonio; this is a historical tour where you will learn a lot about how the town was formed. You will also find out information about the Battle of Alamo which is when San Antonio declared its independence from Mexico.