Beyond Denison: 5 Activities to Try at Lake Texoma

Lake Texoma is right in the boundary of Texas and Oklahoma, thus the name. It is one of the largest reservoirs in the country and is Oklahoma's second largest lake, with a surface size of 89,000 acres. The lake gets water from the Red River on the west portion and the Washita River on the north, and drains out into the Red River at Denison Dam. BBOnline recommends the following activities you can enjoy while you're here.

Lake Texoma
Denison, TX
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Fishing at Lake Texoma

Lake Texoma is extremely popular with those who love fishing, and is filled with more than 70 species of fish including largemouth, spotted and white bass, blue and flathead catfish and white crappie. There are several professional fishing guides that will take you to where the best fishing areas are in the lake.

Boating at Lake Texoma

Because the lake has a serpentine shape, there are several quiet coves that can shelter boats even during windy days. Otherwise, Lake Texoma is a favorite boating area with different boats and watercraft constantly seen on the water. There are boats for sale or for rent, ranging from personal watercraft, water skiers, party barges, houseboats and ski boats. Enjoy an early boating experience by getting out of your Denison Bed and Breakfast just after sunrise. 

Sailing at Lake Texoma 

Lake Texoma is well known as a popular sailing lake. The lake is deep and its lakeside ranges from rocky cliffs to forested slopes, giving you a variety of things to see while you're sailing the waters. There are several coves and sandy beaches that serve as anchoring spots. You can bring in your own sailboat or charter one at the lake, with several options to choose from including those that have living quarters.

Picnic at Lake Texoma State Park
1988 State Park Road
Kingston, OK 73439
(580) 564-2566

Spend a day out of your Denison Inn and have a picnic with your family and friends at the picnic facilities of the state park. It has boat ramps, playgrounds, tennis courts, hiking trails and a full-service marina. For those who want to go swimming, you can choose from swimming in Lake Texoma or in the outdoor pool at the park.

Nature Study and Wildlife Observation at Eisenhower State Park
50 Park Road 20
Denison, TX 75020
(903) 465-1956

The 423-acre Eisenhower State Park is located along the shores of Lake Texoma northwest of Denison. There are nature and environmental programs that give you a tour and study of the plants and animals that abound in the park. You can see colorful wildflowers and trees like ash, oak, cedar, soapberry, persimmon, redbud and more. The trees and plants along the nature trail are identified with markers. Birds and animals in the  park include armadillos, mink, foxes, deer, wintering bald eagles, pelicans and several other species.