Comfort Shopping: Finding the Right Antique Shop

If you are vacationing in Texas and you're looking for a good place to buy antiques, you should pay a visit to the town of Comfort. Shopping for antiques in Comfort is easy and fun because it has many stores that offer great selections. BBonline recommends these well-known Comfort antique shops:

Wilson Clements Antiques
405 Seventh Street
Comfort, Texas 78013
(830) 995-2000

Wilson Clements Antiques was established by Cathleen Tilley, Ricks Wilson and G.P. Shryer in 1995, and it has grown to become one of Comfort's most popular antique shops in just a few years. It specializes in primitive European and Mexican furniture and decorative items, and it offers plenty of styled furniture made of the finest pine, mahogany and mesquite, as well as numerous antique clay pots, morteros, antique doors and gates. This great Comfort shopping place is open every day of the week, from 10 am to 5 pm Monday through Saturday, and 12 pm to 3 pm on Sunday. Wilson Clements Antiques is conveniently located in the downtown area, so it should be very easy for you to get there from your Comfort Bed and Breakfast.

Comfort Antique Mall
734 High Street
Comfort, Texas 78013
(830) 995-4678

This antique mall is one of the preferred meeting places for antique vendors and shoppers in the town of Comfort. Shopping in this mall is a wonderful experience, because there's a huge selection of high quality items for you to choose from and the prices are all very reasonable. There are more than 30 shops in the mall, and they offer an extensive variety of furniture and home d├ęcor objects, such as lamps, artworks, culinary items and others. Dealers and collectors from different parts of Texas as well as other states come to this place to buy and sell antiques. If you plan to visit this antique mall, you can ask your Comfort Inn for more information.

Antiquities Etc.
702 High Street
Comfort, Texas 78013
(830) 995-4190

Antiquities Etc. is a great place for collectors who wish to buy unique antique items. You will find lots of exquisite objects in this place, including jewelry, furniture, books and other items from many different eras. If you wish to purchase some artwork, the shop has a great selection of paintings and crafts by famous artists. Antiquities Etc. is also home to a folk art gallery, where you can find the latest works from local artists from Texas and other parts of the country.

Highbrow & Hicks
22 Highway 87
Comfort, Texas 78013
(830) 995-4192

Highbrow & Hicks is another shop that offers excellent antiques. It has an extensive collection of unusual and high quality antique items, ranging from collectibles and furniture to glass items and artwork. You will be impressed with the selection of rare items that you can find in this place. This is one of the favorite shops for both locals and tourists who are interested in antiques, and it is definitely worth a visit.