Shelbyville Things to Do: Visiting Pencil Factories

If you are vacationing in Tennessee, you should pay a visit to the city of Shelbyville. Things to do in Shelbyville can range from visiting museums and national parks to shopping and dining, but one thing that you should not fail to do is visit some of the pencil factories in the city. Shelbyville is known as "Pencil City" because it was once an important center for the manufacturing of wood-cased pencils in the US. As such, visiting pencil factories will give you a better insight into the history and culture of the city. Here are two of the top pencil factories in Shelbyville.

Musgrave Pencil Company Inc.
701 West Lane Street
Shelbyville, Tennessee 37160
(931) 684-3611

The Musgrave Pencil Company has been producing pencils since the year 1916, and it was a pioneer in pencil manufacturing in Shelbyville. It is presently one of the most successful manufacturers of pencils in the country. Whe Musgrave Pencil Company is located on one of the major roads in the city, and therefore, it should be easy for you to get there from your Shelbyville Inn.

Sanford Corporation
1 Pencil Street
Shelbyville, Tennessee 37160
(931) 684-4133

Sanford Corporation is a well-known manufacturer of pencils in Shelbyville, and it allows people to tour its factory. You can either call the company directly to plan a visit or ask your Shelbyville Bed and Breakfast to make arrangements.

The pencils that are produced by Sanford are sold in many countries around the world. The company has a long history of pencil manufacturing that dates back to more than a century ago. During the early 1900s, many pencil-making factories were set up in the middle part of Tennessee because of the availability of red cedar wood. Sanford established two factories in the same region as well, one in Shelbyville and another in Lewisburg. From there, the company started perfecting the art of pencil manufacturing, and it became known as an international leader in the production of pencils around the 1990s. Despite the popularity of e-text and other newer forms of writing, Sanford pencils remain highly sought after around the world today.

The Sanford factory in Shelbyville features state-of-the-art facilities for pencil manufacturing. When you visit the factory, you will be amazed by the amount of equipment, work and manpower that go into making pencils. From the initial mixing area to the capping of the erasers, you will see how different raw materials are combined and processed to create different types of pencils. Sanford is the manufacturer of famous pencil brands such as Berol, Eberhard Faber, Blaisdell, Empire and others, which collectively account for over 50% of the total number of pencils produced in the US.