Jonesborough Things to Do: Ghosts, Horses and History

You'll find exciting things to do in Jonesborough with its ghosts, horses and rich history. Located in the beautiful Southern Appalachians, this oldest town in Tennessee is listed in the "National Register of Historic Places" because of its historical significance. BBonline recommends heading out for a history-packed guided ghost tour or a historic carriage tour from your comfortable Jonesborough Bed and Breakfast before you tuck in for the night.   

Equine Elegance Historic Jonesborough Carriage Tours
[email protected]
(423) 753-2903

This horse-and-carriage guided tour in the mountains of East Tennessee offers you a whole new perspective on the town of Jonesborough and its gems. You'll be spellbound by the spectacular scenery of the Appalachian mountains, and invigorated by the fresh mountain air.   

Your tour guide will regale you with the fascinating history of the town and tell you why Jonesborough is the storytelling capital of the world. Chances are your cozy Jonesborough Inn will be able to arrange all your tours for you.   

Haunted Historic Jonesborough Ghost Walk
(423) 743-9255
January through December

On this guided walk, lit by lanterns, you might just glimpse the ghost of the former US President who had a famous encounter with Bell Witch of Adams. You'll also unearth the mysteries which surround the train tracks of Jonesborough.

This 1-day tour includes a walk through the historic haunted Appalachian Caverns, the Blountville Ghost Walk and the historic Deery Inn.

Dandridge Ghost Tour
(423) 743-9255

You'll thrill to tales of the documented and verified paranormal happenings that take place in the historic Shepards Inn. There are about a dozen haunted sites through which this tour will take you, including the Vance building in downtown Dandridge, all by the spooky light of lanterns. You can also choose to combine this tour with the "Great Smoky Mountains Haunted Adventure Tours."

The highly acclaimed Appalachain Ghost Walks operates other guided ghost tours as well as tours of historic places in Jonesborough, 365 days a year, night and day. It's best to book in advance.

Warrior's Path Riding Stables
East Tennessee
1882 Fall Creek Rd.
Kingsport, TN 37664
(423) 323-8543

A horse encounter is a must while you are in Jonesborough, and neighboring Kingsport where these stables are located is close by. Your guide will take you riding through the beautiful woodlands of Kingsport. The stables are open daily between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Horses for Sale in and Around Jonesborough

If you're looking for an inexpensive miniature horse to delight a child, or even an expensive Arabian race horse to win you races, Jonesborough with its many horse farms is the right place.

According to the USA Miniature Horse website, buying a miniature horse is a "noble" act as you will probably be saving the animal from the slaughterhouse. The website lists several miniature horse auctions held in other towns in Tennessee (Kingsport is one of them), where you can buy a miniature horse just for 25 cents!  

You'll also find links to horse shelters in Tennessee which offer "walking horses" for adoption.