Experience Douglas Lake while at your Dandridge B&B

Douglas Lake is a small lake located in the quiet town of Dandridge, Tennessee. Located in Jefferson County, Dandridge is known as one of the oldest cities in Tennessee. Douglas Lake is popular with both locals and out of town visitors. Water sports in the region include boating, water skiing, wind sailing and windsurfing. Below are 3 Douglas Lake activities that can be done while staying at a Dandridge Bed and Breakfast.

Douglas Lake Camp Ground
1943 Oak Grove Rd
Dandridge, Tennessee 37725

Douglas Lake Camp Ground is located within walking distance of Douglas Lake. Many people visit the campsite to go on an overnight trip or adventure. There are numerous hiking and biking trails that wrap around the Douglas Lake Camp Ground, keeping travelers entertained and exercised for hours at a time. The lake has several areas where the fishing opportunities are good. The camp ground has picnic tables and benches that are perfect for enjoying a quiet meal on. Lower Whiterock trail is one of  the most popular trails in the region, and it runs through the Douglas Lake Camp Ground. Ask for directions from any employee at your Dandridge Inn.

Smoky Mountain H20 Sports
1963 Chestnut Hill Rd.
Dandridge, Tennessee 37725

(423) 608-0726

Smoky Mountain H20 Sports is the perfect place to go if you're looking to rent gear and accessories to use on Douglas Lake. If you want to rent jet skis or waverunners, they have a wide variety of models and styles. If you're not up for the fast paced ride of a jet ski, Smoky Mountain H20 Sports also rents out pontoon boats. These boats are ideal for large groups looking to unwind and relax on the lake. They offer lessons with respect to driving these fast and exciting machines. Smoky Mountain H20 Sports is based out of Swann's Marina and is relatively easy to find. If you've brought your own boat to the lake, Smoky Mountain H20 Sports also offers boat slip rentals.

Swann's Marina
2515 Swann's Marina Road
Dandridge, Tennesse 37725

Swann's Marina is one of the best places you can dock your boat in. It has excellent bathroom and restaurant facilities that are within walking distance of the marina. Many people head out from here to go fishing and water skiing in Douglas Lake. Other activities that are offered from Swann's Marina include camping, hiking and swimming. While many people will spend a day or two in the town of Dandridge, others will opt to spend their entire vacation cruising on Douglas Lake. The marina is well protected and is an excellent place to safely and securely store your own boat. Rentals are available throughout the year, although the winter months are a very difficult time to get out to Douglas Lake.