Enjoying the Outdoors in Butler, TN: 5 Activities to Try

Butler, TN is one of the state's most beautiful communities. Located in the northeastern part of Tennessee, it offers astounding natural beauty with attractions like Watauga Lake and the Appalachian National Scenic Trail, among many others. If you're an outdoor buff or a nature lover, you'll enjoy a trip to this part of Tennessee. BBonline recommends the following outdoor activities that you can do while staying at your Butler inn.

Pappy's Marina in Pirate's Cove
1700 Sink Valley Road
Butler, TN 32640
(423) 768-3892

One of Butler's premier marinas is Pappy's, which can be found inside the Pirate's Cove. This simple marina is the highest in elevation east of Lake Tahoe. There are plenty of recreational activities to do. Rent a boat, kayak or canoe from the outfitter on-site, and go on a wild lake adventure. You can also hang out at the snack bar called Pirate's Perch. Eat some filling snacks while you watch the views of the lake.

Appalachian National Scenic Trail
Harpers Ferry Center
Butler, TN 25425
(304) 535-6331

This one is a 2,167-mile nature trail that runs through Butler, as well as other parts of the Appalachian Mountains located in Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, West Virginia, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Georgia and Pennsylvania. Even the most seasoned hikers find this trail extremely challenging. The trail was designated as the first National Scenic Trail in 1968 through the National Trails System Act. If you're going to traverse even just a part of it, be prepared to be astounded by the gifts of nature that you'll be able to encounter while you're here.

Cove Ridge Marina
910 Pierce Town Road
Butler, TN 37640
(423) 768-2532

Another marina to visit is the Cove Ridge Marina. There's an uncovered boat slip rental available here, which you can take advantage of so you can explore the lake. There is also a deli where you can buy some snacks or take a short break after an exhausting day at the lake.

Lakeshore Marina of Watauga Lake
US Highway 321
Butler, TN 37640
(423) 725-2201

The shoreline along the lake is definitely a feast for the eyes. It's a must-visit place during your stay at a Butler Bed and Breakfast. With many outdoor activities offered in this area, you won't even notice that time has already gone by. Partake in fishing, sailing, boating, swimming or picnicking. You can even go on a skiing adventure if you're coming here during the winter season. The on-site outfitters offer dry docking, mooring service, licenses and live bait.  

Old Butler Days
123 Selma Curtis Road
Butler, TN 37640
(423) 768-2913

This isn't actually an attraction but an outdoor festival that tells the history of the city, along with the time it was flooded. It also offers live music, good food, interesting exhibits, fun games and museum tours. It's one of the best ways to learn about the history, culture, and heritage of the wonderful community of Butler.