Finding Spearfish's Best Pizza: 2 Amazing Restaurants

Once you have settled into your Spearfish Bed and Breakfast, we recommend trying some awesome pizza from one of the local pizza shops. BBOnline recommends these Spearfish Restaurants in the area that have great pizza for you to enjoy during your vacation.

Pizza Ranch
2625 East Colorado Boulevard
Spearfish, South Dakota
(605) 642-4422‎

Good pizza and great service is sometimes hard to find, but here they make it seem easy. Most Spearfish Restaurants serve pizza, but here you're welcomed into the clean cut atmosphere, pride and love for making great pizza and the contagious friendly customer service. Pizza Ranch offers a warm meal that can feed an army, even though it might just be you and your spouse visiting a Spearfish Inn. They also have gift cards available. You can either dine-in and enjoy the buffet or order a specific favorite. Alternatively, you can do a pick up and keep it moving to your next activity for the day. The menu is a variation of different items that you can order with your pizza. Hot wings are a hot pick to have with pizza. They also have different dips to choose from that go with the wings or pizza. When you dine-in, you get free refills which is always a great thing. They have eighteen toppings to choose from that can either spice up your pizza or make it sweet to the taste.

Super 8 Pizzeria
196 Cliff Street
Spearfish, South Dakota
(605) 578-3235‎

It can be different to go from your Spearfish Bed and Breakfast to another place for a meal. Yet, when the place serves some of the best pizza in the area, the visit can't be too bad. They list among the Spearfish Restaurants that serve good pizza and have great customer service. You can expect the best when you step inside and when you leave, you'll have a lasting memory that they care about your needs. They make all the combination pizzas you can think of and have many different sides to go with your meal. It's a warm and cozy place that just so happens to be inside a well-known establishment.

Pizza Lab
124 Us Highway 14A,
Lead, South Dakota 57754
(605) 578-9933‎

Here is a great location to visit if you're planning a visit to the Black Hills National Forest. They sit in the center of the forest and have great views of the surrounding area. The menu has many classics but also offers some original pizzas made right there in the shop. They have a decent size dining area that can hold a large gathering if need be. Though this is pizzeria is not a Spearfish Restaurant, we felt it was worth mentioning due to their warm atmosphere, friendly staff, the great scenic views they have and it's not far from Spearfish. If you dine here, you are able to enjoy the beautiful forest and great food.