Explore Badlands National Park near Your Philip B&B

Waiting on the western borders of South Dakota is Phillip (a small town of great charm) and nestled just beyond is the Badlands National Park. This convenience of miles and plateaus will satisfy any traveler. Philip, established in 1907, is a meeting of fields and historic avenues, the former wagon trails. All will be impressed by it. But BBOnline is certain that the beauty of the Badlands will still tempt you away for the afternoon. There is much to experience.

Badlands National Park: History

In 1929, the collection of high peaks and brilliant sunsets known as the Badlands was recognized as a national park. Its history, however, predated any such classification. The wild geography was formed over 11,000 years before, carved by rivers and glacial movements and the shifting of the earth. Through the centuries it hosted Native American hunters, colonial pioneers and rare creatures. It evolved over time into a natural wonder and has since become one of America's greatest offerings.

Badlands National Park: Attractions

Journey from your Philip Bed and Breakfast into the Badlands. There you will be met with uncommon thrills and can't-miss experiences. Cycle through the 22-mile Loop Road, which offers close proximity to the famed formations. Hike the scenic Castle Trail to find perfect views. Visit the Ben Reifel Visitor Center to learn of the many fossils found within the park (be certain to bring in any you may find as well. The instructors there will be happy to offer an assessment). Travel up cliff-sides with the Notch Trail, which leads guests through the highest canyons. Drive to the Roberts Prairie Dog Town and see local wildlife and conservation efforts. And then enter the Cedar Pass Lodge to enjoy nature films. There's no equal to be found and no end to the adventures.

Badlands National Park: Visitor Information

While exploring the 244,000 acres of the park is enough to lead you from your Philip Inn, you must remember that there are still rules to follow.

The Badlands is open daily and does not close. Access to the park is available whenever you wish. It various facilities, however, are subject to differing schedules. The Visitor's Center, Cedar Lodge and Badlands Natural History Association are open seasonally. Contact the administrative offices for current times and possible special events.

Weather will heavily define your days. Winters will offer snow, ice and storms (making the trails difficult to ascend; only knowledgeable travelers should attempt them). Spring and summer will see rises in temperatures and humidity. Guests are recommended to choose the fall for their vacations. If that is not possible, however, plan accordingly.

There are countless creatures to find within the park. And, while you may marvel at them, you are never to approach. Keep a respectful distance from all animals to avoid complications. This is imperative.

For further information, contact:

Badlands National Park
Highway 240
Interior, South Dakota 57750
(605) 433-5362

The Badlands National Park is an exceptional delight and it's placed mere miles from the comforts of Philip. BBOnline is sure you'll enjoy it.