Exceptional Dining Options for Hill City Vacationers

Hill City is famously known as the oldest city in Pennington County, South Dakota. Although many people come to the city to explore its rich heritage, there are numerous restaurants and cafes that specialize in modern cuisine. If you're tired of the normal travel food that you find in rest stops and small towns, then Hill City is the place for you. With a population of less than 1000, the city's intimate feel contributes to its intimate dining experiences. Below are 3 exceptional dining options for Hill City vacationers.

Bumpin' Buffalo Bar and Grill
245 Main St.
Hill City, South Dakota 57745

Bumpin' Buffalo Bar and Grill offers up some delicious South Dakota fare. Everything from salads to burgers are available at Bumpin' Buffalo. It's also a great place to go for after hours drinks and entertainment. The bar has some of the tastiest signature drinks in the region and many people will head to Bumpin' Buffalo Bar and Grill after dinner. Other food served includes chicken sandwiches and fresh baked sandwiches. If you really enjoy your meal, you can purchase Bumpin' Buffalo gear, including t-shirts, hats and beer steins. You can get directions to the Bumpin' Buffalo Bar and Grill at your Hill City Bed and Breakfast.

Hi Lander Restaurant
222 Railroad Avenue
Hill City, South Dakota 57745

(605) 574-4627

The Hi Lander Restaurant is a local restaurant that is best known for its takeout options. Although many people choose to dine in the Hi Lander restaurant, it is most popular for its takeout menu. Fresh salads are one of the most popular items on the menu, and the fish and chicken options are never far behind. The Hi Lander Restaurant is located right in the heart of Hill City and is the perfect place to go if you're looking for a casual night of dining. After a long evening of wining and dining, spending the night in a Hill City inn is never a bad decision.

Hill City Cafe
209 Main Street
Hill City, South Dakota 57745

(605) 574-4582

The Hill City Cafe is a quiet, family run restaurant located right on Main Street in downtown Hill City. The restaurant is known for its classic hamburgers and fresh veggie burgers. What is nice about the Hill City Cafe is that it's not a tourist trap restaurant, filled with gimmicks and novelty items. It's very much a local hangout that never gets too crowded for comfort. The restaurant also caters to young children, serving up nice peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cold glasses of milk. During lunch time, the Hill City Cafe gets quite crowded with locals looking to indulge in hot and fresh roast beef sandwiches. The sandwich is best served with green beans and gravy, and can't be beat for its amazing price. Although the place is small, the intimate feeling of it is what makes people come back for more.