The Mitchell Corn Palace and Other Day Trips from Geddes

Mitchell is home to a variety of sights, including the Mitchell Corn Palace and numerous other attractions. This central city of Davison County was given the name of Alexander Mitchell, a Milwaukee banker and President of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad. Mitchell is proud to be the habitat of state champion trees, including black cherry, Siberian elm, black locust and tulip trees. Other attractions to explore include the Dakota Discovery Museum, the Prehistoric Indian Village and the Carnegie Resource Center, so be sure to check them out while staying at your Geddes inn.

The Corn Palace
604 North Main Street
Mitchell, SD 57301
(605) 995-8427

A multi-purpose facility, Mitchell Corn Palace is a tourist destination for more than half a million people each year. The building sports bravado from murals created from colorful corn and other grains, with themes that change every fall harvest for the external murals and every 10 years for the internal ones. Crop art decorations adorn the Moorish establishment, depicting the idea of early settlers about the fertility of South Dakota soil. This building serves as a venue for stage and trade shows, basketball games of adjoining colleges, and the Shriner's Circus.    

Dakota Discovery Museum
1300 McGovern Avenue
Mitchell, SD 57301
(605) 996-2122

Another one of Mitchell's attractions is the Dakota Discovery Museum. Not far from the Mitchell Corn Palace, this historical repository aims to preserve information and artifacts related to the prairie and the people who settled it. The collections cover a broad time, spanning from the 1600s to 1940. The museum features treasures of pristine American Indian quill and beadworks. Visitors will also find art pieces of artists like Harvey Dunn, Charles Hargens, Oscar Howe and Earle Fraser. Two new features of the building are the Discovery Land which serves as a hands-on activity area for children, and the Heritage Gardens Project, helping to promote indigenous plants by cultivating them in the garden's museum.

Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village
3200 Indian Village Road
Mitchell, SD 57301
(605) 996-5473

The Prehistoric Indian Village is located near Lake Mitchell and very accessible from your Geddes bed and breakfast. The village is used by scientists as an excavation site for archeological artifacts related to the early American people. The unique thing about the site is the 10,000-square foot Archeodome built over it, which allows scientists to work continuously all year-round. Listed as a National Register and National Historic Landmark, the place has a purpose of building bridges between the past and the present of Native people.

Enchanted World Doll Museum
615 North Main Street
Mitchell, SD 57301
(605) 996-9896

Satiate yourself further with a unique collection of dolls at the Enchanted World Doll Museum. This landmark is headquartered in an English-style castle with turrets, a moat and a drawbridge. Visitors will find displays of 4,000 toys and dolls arranged in 400 various scenes, in addition to other museum pieces that will give wonder and amazement to kids and adults alike.