A Guide to the Restaurants in Geddes, SD

Geddes is situated in Charles Mix County, South Dakota and was named after railroad official D.C. Geddes. The city has a colorful history, with locals relating tales to visitors of old style barn dances and of some residents of Geddes who were involved in the bootlegging of corn whiskey many years ago. Nowadays, locals and visitors to Geddes spend their free time enjoying some of the many attractions and activities available, but none are as popular as dining out in a favorite city restaurant. Staying at a Geddes Inn means that you don't have far to go to find a great meal at a reasonable price, such as the examples listed below.

Lone Tree Steakhouse
303 Main Ave.
Geddes, SD 57342
(605) 337-2567

Lone Tree Steakhouse is easy to find and is well frequented by locals and visitors to the city. If you are out and about in Geddes and looking for a good restaurant to dine in, this could be the one for you. There is always a huge range of main dishes on the menu, just waiting for you to make your selection. Appetizers and sweets are also a tempting complement to your meal in the Lone Tree Steakhouse. Accompany your food with a selection of liquid refreshments in a pleasant dining atmosphere that will have you returning for more within a few days.

Blue Room Lounge
319 Main St.
Geddes, SD 57342
(605) 337-3885

This is one of the best known family friendly restaurants in Geddes, and it serves up a feast of American and international fare. Blue Room Lounge also offers a dine-in or take-away service, which is ideal if you want to relax at your B&B and eat quality food. It is open for lunch and evening dinner seven days a week, and serves a delicious brunch, especially if you need something tasty to eat mid-morning. Dress is casual at any time of day and the friendliness and fast service of the staff ensure that the Blue Room Lounge is one of the best places to eat in Geddes. Even though this is a busy and popular restaurant, reservations are usually not required. If you're driving, parking is not a problem.

Red Oak Steakhouse
300 South Main St.
Geddes, SD 57342
(605) 337-3919

Although this is another steakhouse, there are several different options on the extensive menu which sets the Red Oak apart from other steak serving restaurants. A specialty of the Red Oak Steakhouse according to locals and regulars is the large, fresh salad that accompanies the huge steaks. Be sure to go with an empty stomach, because the dishes are plentiful and very filling. Leave space for at least one of the tasty choices on the Red Oak dessert menu. When you have eaten your fill and finished your last drink of the day, it is good to know that you can head back to your Geddes Bed and Breakfast for a great night's sleep.