Custer Things to Do: A Historical View

Custer, South Dakota is a well-known travel destination in the northwestern part of the US. In Custer, things to do usually include visits to natural attractions, but the town also has a number of historic sites that are well worth visiting. Custer has a rich historical heritage, and it offers a great insight into the lives of Native Americans in the past. BBOnline recommends that you pay a visit to these historic sites.

Crazy Horse Memorial
12151 Avenue of the Chiefs
Custer, South Dakota 57730
(605) 673-4681

The Crazy Horse Memorial is still under construction, but it is already a famous tourist attraction in Custer. Things to do must not exclude a visit to this memorial, because the monument will be the largest sculpture in the world when it is complete. The final dimensions of the sculpture will be 563 feet high and 641 feet wide, and it depicts legendary Oglala Lakota warrior Crazy Horse riding a horse. The monument is being sculpted out of the Thunderhead Mountain, which is located on sacred Native American land. Other than the sculpture, the Crazy Horse Memorial is also home to several interesting attractions, including the Indian Museum of North America, the Tribal Flag Collection, Native American Educational and Cultural Center, Robert Big Elk and others. Admission fees are $10 per adult and $27 per carload. The memorial is located just a few miles north of the downtown area; you can ask the staff at your Custer Bed and Breakfast for directions to get there.

Badger Clark Historical Site
Legion Lake
Custer, South Dakota 57730
(605) 255-4515

The Badger Clark Historical Site is also known as the "Badger Hole". This site was once the residence of Charles Badger Clark, who was revered for his great cowboy poetry. He had done many of his great works while he was living in the park, and he became the first Poet Laureate of South Dakota in 1937. The site is very well-preserved, and most of the items in the house are placed exactly as they were when Clark was living there. Just beside the home, there is the Badger Clark Historic Trail, where you can go for a hike before you return to your Custer Inn. For those who are interested in discovering the cultural heritage of Custer, things to do must include a trip to the Badger Clark Historical Site.

Camp Custer Log Cabins
809 Crook Street
Custer, South Dakota 57730
(605) 673-3683

These log cabins are listed on the National Register of Historic Sites, and they were used to accommodate hundreds of people during the time of the Great Depression in the 1930s. Later on, it became the quarters of US army officers. The two log cabins that are found in the site are the only structures that remain from the army camp, and they now serve as tourist accommodations. They are particularly popular among travelers because they are located close to many great attractions, such as the Wind Cave, Jewel Cave, Mt. Rushmore, the Crazy Horse Memorial, Custer State Park and others.