Locals' Favorite Restaurants in Westminster, SC

South Carolina is known for its delicious cuisine, and dining out at the different restaurants in Westminster is recommended. Families can enjoy a wonderful meal at one or more of these restaurants while visiting Westminster.

Beef and Rib Restaurant
713 East Main Street
Westminster, SC 29693-1936
(864) 647-0011

This restaurant was awarded the title of one of the best restaurants in Westminster in 2009, and has been continuously serving delicious food. It's a place that is frequented by both locals and visitors. The ribs are one of the most sought-after dishes. The gyros are also a must-try, a Mediterranean-inspired dish that is claimed to be one of the best in the area. There is a takeout window for customers who would like to enjoy their food back at their Westminster Bed and Breakfast.

Moore and Moore Fish Camp
1101 Chau Ram Park Road
Westminster, SC 29693-2801
(864) 647-6100

This is one of the restaurants in Westminster that specializes in seafood. South Carolina cuisine is very rich and delicious, and consists of more meat dishes than seafood. Eating at Moore and Moore will be a refreshing break from the area's predominantly meat-based cuisine. You can't go wrong with ordering the fish dinner, which is two batter dipped fish combined with a choice of side dishes. The chicken wings are surprisingly good for a seafood restaurant.

Eva's Restaurant
807 East Main Street
Westminster, SC 29693-1938
(864) 647-8811

This is one of the popular breakfast restaurants in Westminster. The pancakes and waffles are famous here, and the servings are more than generous. If you are looking for a more robust breakfast, you should try the steak and eggs to satisfy your hunger. You can enjoy a delicious breakfast here while staying at a Westminster Inn.

Yousef's Kitchen
1109 East Main Street
Westminster, SC 29693-2026
(864) 647-6947

This is one of the restaurants that serves up the best onion rings and homemade fries that you can imagine. Yousef's Kitchen has excellent service and is consistent with its food portions and quality. The chicken liver and country style fried chicken are both filling. For dessert, the banana pudding is recommended. The restaurant is perfect for a family dinner or lunch.

Bill's Lucky Strike Restaurant
513 East Main Street
Westminster, SC 29693
(864) 647-6400

Bill's Lucky Strike is one of the restaurants where you can expect great food and service all the time. This Szechuan-American restaurant serves a fiery hot pepper chicken bath, which is chicken generously rubbed in various spices. The pork ribs in sweet and sour sauce is another favorite, and one of the signature dishes of this restaurant. You and your family can enjoy a nice lunch or dinner here while touring Westminster.