Historic Seneca Homes, Museums, and More

There are over 40 beautiful historic locations on the National Register of Historic Places in Seneca. Homes and public buildings from the late 1800s and early 1900s abound in this quaint, South Carolina city, many retaining their original architectural features and former splendor. Admission is free to these intriguing historic Seneca homes and buildings, so be sure to visit more than a few on your next stay in a cozy, Seneca Bed and Breakfast.

Lunney Museum
211 West South First Street
Seneca, South Carolina 29678
(864) 882-4811

This historic location is considered a museum as well as a historic home due to all of its interesting collections of furniture and decorative items. In 1909, the W. J. Lunney family had this home constructed, and they lived in it until 1969. The house itself was built in a Californian bungalow style with a large veranda and brown shingles. It also features a spectacular fireplace made with English tile contrasted with a rich oak border. In addition to the house, there is a unique "two seater" outhouse and a carriage house with two floors. The Victorian furniture is worth a close look, as it makes up one of the best collections in Seneca. The Lunney Museum is open from 1 PM to 5 PM, Thursday to Sunday. At the moment, a restoration and refurbishing project is being carried out on this museum, but it will reopen on May 27th, 2010.

Miss Sue Gignilliat House
300 South First Street
Seneca, South Carolina 29678

The Miss Sue Gignilliat House is a stylish Victorian home that was constructed in 1898. It was owned by the Gignilliat brothers, who were important merchants in the area. Its vibrant panes of stained glass and uniquely patterned shingle work remain original. The entire house is virtually as it was in the 1800s, the only thing that has changed is the color. This historic home offers every tourist an intriguing look into the past and is definitely worth a visit the next time you stay in a Seneca Inn.

Citizens Bank Building
111 North Townville Street
Seneca, South Carolina 29678

In addition to all of the gorgeous, historic Seneca homes, there are also a variety of historic commercial buildings to enjoy, such as the Citizens Bank Building. This historic site is probably the best known and recognized of all of the sites in Seneca. The first floor was used as a store and bank, while the second floor was used as a sort of opera house. Its former beauty and grandeur can still be appreciated due to the retention of its most important, original architectural elements, such as its decorative granite pieces and solid brickwork. However, there have been many changes to this building as well, including the addition of a staircase tower to the front of the site. Admission to the Citizens Bank Building is free, as it is in all Seneca historic sites. BBOnline highly recommends this building as a "must visit" site on your vacation to Seneca.