Experience Great Lake Hartwell Fishing near Pendleton

Lake Hartwell fishing is a popular activity with travelers from all over the country. Located right in Pendleton, South Carolina, Lake Hartwell is a reservoir that sprawls for nearly 56,000 acres. The lake was created by the Hartwell dam and has been bringing travelers out to its waterfront for many years. Several unique types of fish are found within this lake, including 3 different types of bass. Below are 3 Lake Heartwell fishing spots and companies that will help you reel in the big one!

South Carolina Crappie Association
1239 Lake Heartwell
Chapin, SC, 29036


The South Carolina Crappie Association is an association that has been around since 1999. Devoting most of their time and effort to crappie fishing, this group is excellent to learn from when it comes to crappie fishing in Lake Hartwell. In addition to a variety of weekly events, the group also has Lake Hartwell fishing tournaments throughout the year that anyone can enter. While both black and white crappies reside in Lake Hartwell, the South Carolina Crappie Association fishes for both with no particular preference. Guests of a Pendleton Bed and Breakfast are often delighted to find members of this association willing to give free tips and advice on Crappie fishing in the region.

Big Water Marina
320 Big Water Road
Starr, South Carolina 29684
Phone: 864.226.3339

Big Water Marina is known as one of the largest marinas on Lake Hartwell. Taking up the largest stretch of water in the area, the Big Water Marina is the perfect place for guests of a Pendleton Inn to dock their boats and head out for a fun day of Lake Hartwell fishing. The fish in the region range from the black and white Crappies to 3 different types of bass. The striped bass is one of the most popular fishes to catch in the area, and many people find them off the docks of the Big Water Marina. In addition to fishing, many people bring sail boats to the Marina to spend a day sailing on the water. Boats can be rented from the marina and there is a snack bar that people often go to during mid day. The marina has 5 different docks, with a total of 150 slips.

Lake Hartwell Association
P. O. Box 312
Fair Play, SC

The Lake Hartwell Association has been around since 1990 and offers travelers the opportunity to contribute to the region. All complaints with regard to water quality, fishing conditions and anything that concerns the lake is brought up to the Lake Hartwell Association. Lake conditions are given to fisherman throughout the year via the Lake Hartwell Association, and most members of the associations are full-time residents. The association is useful for travelers and tourists in that they help maintain the quality and integrity of the lake.  In many ways, Lake Hartwell fishing completely relies on the integrity of the community and the overall state of the water. The Lake Hartwell Association sends out quarterly newsletters and emails, keeping travelers and locals updated on the state of the lake.