5 Aiken Restaurants That Are Sure to Impress

You will discover many wonderful Aiken restaurants during your stay at this beautiful city in South Carolina. Here are some of the places that are definitely worth visiting.

1. Malia's
120 Laurens Street Southwest
Aiken, South Carolina 29801-2437
(803) 643-3086‎

Malia's is one of the leading Aiken restaurants for fine dining. The service here is superb. The food is always fresh and most of the ingredients are local produce, which adds a really unique flavor to the dishes. The menu changes daily, offering specialties both from European and American cuisine. The atmosphere is very warm and you will surely feel very comfortable here. You should definitely make reservations prior to visiting Malia's, since the place is always packed and it is impossible to find a free table.

2. Aiken Brewing Company
140 Laurens Street Southwest
Aiken, South Carolina 29801-3848
(803) 502-0707

The Aiken Brewing Company is a colorful little restaurant and microbrewery, located right in the heart of Aiken. This place offers a charming atmosphere and excellent service. This is a lot due to the fact that it is a family owned and operated establishment. The customers are treated like friends. The homebrews are simply unique and the food is great too. You should try the ribs and the chicken wings. The place becomes very lively at night and is a great spot to go out of your Aiken Bed and Breakfast, make some new friends and have a lot of fun.

3. Oliv'a
126 Laurens Street Northwest
Aiken, South Carolina 29801
(803) 514-2573

A wonderful little establishment specializing in Italian cuisine, Oliv'a is one of the greatest Aiken restaurants in town. The first-class chef working here really knows his job, because the food is delicious and carrying that authentic Italian flavor. The atmosphere in the restaurant is very intimate and romantic, and the service is excellent. You should definitely try the tasty home-made pasta and complement it with a bottle of refined wine.

4. Variety Restaurant
921 York Street Northeast
Aiken, South Carolina 29801-4023
(803) 648-6987‎

Another great place to visit close to your Aiken Inn is the Variety Restaurant at the northern end of town. The restaurant seems very casual from the outside and you may think it's not worth visiting, but you will surely miss a lot if you just pass it by. The food here is fantastic, the staff is very friendly and the service is flawless. The best thing on the menu is by no doubt the always-fresh seafood. The portions are huge and you will never leave this place hungry.

5. Linda's Bistro
135 York Street Southeast
Aiken, South Carolina 29801-4568
(803) 648-4853‎

Linda's Bistro is a little gem located in the historic downtown of Aiken. The food here is unique. The meals are simple, but presented elegantly and enhanced with a perfect amount of spices and herbs that add a really special flavor to them. The service is wonderful and you will really feel welcome in this place.