Best Lake Secession Fishing Spots by Abbeville

Lake Secession, located near Abbeville, South Carolina, was formed in 1940 with the construction of the Rocky River Dam. This 1,460 acre lake was used for production of electricity. The city of Abbeville still owns much of the beautiful lake, which is a flurry of activity. There are several great fishing spots around the lake.

Bridge on Highway 184
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Lake Secession is really more like a river than a lake, as it winds its way up through the state. The bridge on Highway 184 crosses the Northern part of the lake. The highway along the north part of the lake is a great spot for fishing. The shoreline in this area has large rocks with deep caverns beneath which large fish can hide. At night, many local fishermen tie their boats to the bridge and fish for crappie. Fishermen tell of many large bass which are record breaking catches.

Jet's Landing
1147 Jet's Landing Rd.
Abbeville, SC 29620
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Jet's Landing, owned and operated by Billy Gilmer, is a beautiful area to fish. You can walk right up to the water and enjoy the view. You can sit on the shore or on one of the fishing docks to fish. Jet's Landing is a favorite spot for professional fisherman Casey Ashley, who stops in to fish when he's in the area. There are fishing tournaments with prizes for the biggest fish caught. Fishermen often boast of catching 9 and 10 pound bass in the area. You can shop in the store at Jet's Landing for snacks, drinks and fishing supplies. There is a boat dock to put your boat in the water and relaxing grassy areas for barbecues and picnics. Enjoy a day of fishing at Jet's Landing before settling in at an Abbeville bed and breakfast.

Rocky River Dam
106 Power Dam Rd.
Iva, Sc 29655
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The area near the Rocky River Dam, where the waters pours in from the Rocky River, is more like a lake than the rest of the lake which resembles a 6-mile-long snake. Although fishing is not allowed up close to the dam, a few yards away, there are some prime fishing spots. You'll need some heavy duty fishing line because the fish are very active. Boating is great just north of the dam, especially for small boats which cannot handle the wind on bigger lakes. Standing timber can be found in the lake close to the shore, so boaters should beware. Navigating the dam area will bring in loads of bass, catfish, striper and crappie.

Midway Marine
23 Felkers Circle Ave.
Iva, SC. 29655
(864) 348-2011

If you're on the west side of Lake Secession, stop in at Midway Marine for all your fishing needs. You can purchase your fishing license there and they will get you started on your Lake Secession fishing exploration. They will help you put your boat in the water at one of their docks and give you advice on what bait and line to use. This is a family-owned business with staff that has knowledge of the area. Enjoy the west side of the lake before heading back to an Abbeville inn for the night.