The Historical Faces of Newport's Statues and Monuments

There are many interesting places to visit in the state of Rhode Island, and one of them is Newport. Things to do for tourists who are vacationing in Newport can include visiting historic sites and museums, because the city is well-known for its rich historical heritage. If you want to learn more about the legendary figures who are celebrated by the people of Newport, you should visit some of the famous statues and monuments in the city.

Rochambeau Statue and Monument
Kings Park
Wellington Avenue
Newport, Rhode Island 02840

The Rochambeau Statue is one of the most famous structures in the city of Newport. Things to do for those who are interested in art and history should include a visit to this impressive statue. It was erected in 1934 to commemorate the achievements of General Comte de Rochambeau, who led the French forces to help the Continental Army achieve victory during the Revolutionary War. This statue is the third replica of the Rochambeau Statue in Lafayette Park, Washington DC, which was created by renowned French sculptor Fernand Harmar. The site of the statue in Kings Park is the place where General Rochambeau landed when he arrived in America in 1780. If you are driving to the Rochambeau Statue and Monument from your Newport Bed and Breakfast, you have to travel on Thames Street towards the southern part of the city. After you pass Dean Avenue, turn right into Wellington Avenue. Kings Park is located along this avenue.

August Belmont Statue
Osgood-Pell House
424 Bellevue Avenue
Newport, Rhode Island 02840

The August Belmont Statue is another statue that is worth seeing in Newport. It's a magnificent bronze structure that was created in 1910 by famous sculptor John Quincy Adams Ward, and it was erected to honor successful financier August Belmont. The statue shows Belmont in a chair with his left hand under his chin. He wears an overcoat, and his right hand holds a pair of gloves. The August Belmont Statue is located at the Osgood-Pell House, which is a historic building that dates back to 1888. The easiest way to get to the Osgood-Pell House from your Newport Inn is to go south on Touro Street. This street will connect to Bellevue Avenue, and you will see the building at the corner of Bellevue and Narragansett.

Oliver Hazard Perry Statue
Eisenhower Park
Newport, Rhode Island 02840

This structure is one of the best-known landmarks in downtown Newport. Things to do for tourists can include a trip to Eisenhower Park to see this inspiring statue of Oliver Hazard Perry, a heroic officer who led the US Navy to victory in the Battle of Lake Erie. The statue was modeled by William Green Turner, and it was placed in its present location in 1885. It depicts Perry in a triumphant pose, with his right hand raised and his left forearm across his chest. There are a number of old cannons in the vicinity of the statue that used to belong to an 18th century sloop of war.