5 Reasons to Check Out Newport's Farmer's Markets

A market is a place where you buy your groceries, fresh vegetables, fruits and meats. Today’s markets though modern in its settings are very different from the markets of olden days. With the latest technology that is used to mass produce vegetables and fruits, many times quality gets compromised. It seems like gone are the days when you could just walk up to a market and buy good, fresh fruits, vegetables and meats. The Newport Shopping area is one place where you can get the best products available. BBonline recommends 5 reasons to check out Newport’s farmers markets.

Meat Products
McK Ranch

Natural beef tastes a lot different from the beef that is normally available in many supermarkets. At Newport’s Farmers Market you can get natural beef – from grass fed cattle. McK Ranch is one place that provides Newport residents the opportunity to buy natural beef from the farmers market. The cattle from this ranch are fed with natural food such as grain or corn and the end result is amazing. While staying at your Newport Inn, you can check out the farmers market.

Blue Heron Farm

Every market has a florist section; the flowers on display and for sale never fail to charm its audience. The Newport Farmers Market is very similar to other markets but with one main exception – the products available here are either organic or naturally grown with no pesticides and chemicals used. The Blue Heron farm supplies potted flowers to the Newport farmers market and all flowers are locally grown. Some of the potted flowers on sale are the Basil, Sunflower and the Cosmos. Buying some potted flowers before you leave your comfortable Newport Bed and Breakfast on your way home is an excellent idea.

Earthen Gifts

A visit to Newport’s farmers market will be incomplete without checking out the earthen gifts available at the earthen gifts section. Made by local craftsmen, these little earthen wares make excellent gifts for any occasion. On your way back to your Newport Inn, stopover at the farmers market and pick up a few earthen gifts that are unique from this part of the country.

Hand Crafted Baskets

Another reason to check out Newport’s farmers market is the hand crafted baskets available here. Ann Nicholson has been presenting her work at the Newport farmers market; her baskets are made of natural material gathered from the beach such as bull whip kelp, surf grass and willow among many others. All the baskets are handmade and painted by her and these make beautiful show pieces for your home. Though Ann is not always at the market you can check out the market since your Newport Bed and Breakfast is located nearby – you might just be lucky to meet the lady who makes these beautiful objects.

Pacific Sourdough

The bakery at Newport’s farmers market is one place you should not fail to stop at to buy some mouth watering breads and pastries. Pacific Sourdough is run by Katie McNeil; she has been running the bakery for the past 16 years at Newport’s farmers market. The 100% sprouted wheat berry bread is not just delicious but healthy as well. From your comfortable Newport Inn, you can go to the Newport’s farmers market to check out the fresh bread that is available.