Enjoy Lancaster Theatre and Culture while Staying in Willow Street

The community of Willow Street is just a drive away from the best Lancaster theatre and culture in Pennsylvania. Willow Street gets its name from the many willow trees that once inhabited the community. Today it's a thriving place of quaint Willow Street Bed and Breakfast accommodations, shops and other pleasant attractions. You can experience more on your vacation by taking a scenic drive to Lancaster. Lancaster is a city of performance arts and cultural attractions. BBOnline invites you to explore both Willow Street and Lancaster on your Pennsylvania vacation.

American Music Theatre
2425 Lincoln Hwy E
Lancaster, PA 17605
(800) 648-4102

You can enjoy all types of Lancaster theatre attractions. The American Music Theatre is one you can't miss. This theater brings a number of musical extravaganzas to Lancaster County. The theater boasts the most original shows in the state. You can see and hear works from Andrew Lloyd Webber, Michael Flatley and Connie Francis. Each season is filled with exciting performances. You should contact the box office for a seasonal schedule of events.

The Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre
510 Centerville Rd
Lancaster, PA 17601
(717) 898-1900

If you enjoy comedies, dramas, plays and stage shows, you'll enjoy The Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre. You're served a fabulous dinner and treated to an even more fabulous show while you dine. If you have little ones, take them to one of the Children Theatre's shows. This theater is fun and entertaining for all. Grab your tickets from the theater's box office or call for more information.

Fulton Theatre
12 North Prince St
Lancaster, PA 17603
(888) 480-1265

Dutch Country offers you a variety of places to experience Lancaster theatre. The Fulton Theatre is the oldest. You'll enjoy shows based on Broadway, comedy classics and more. The gorgeous 19th century and Victorian Era architecture is said to be outstanding. The musicals include lyrics from Hammerstein and Sondheim. Family shows include "Beauty and the Beast" and "Sweeney Todd." When you make your evening plans, include the Fulton Theatre in your itinerary.

Theater of the Seventh Sister
438 N Queen St
Lancaster, PA 17603
(717) 396-7764

The Theater of the Seventh Sister is a wonderful cultural experience for many types of performance arts. There are plays, holiday classics and musicals provided by the theater's talented stars. This establishment also presents several annual festivals and artistic shows. Contact the theater for a schedule of upcoming events.

Hole in the Wall Puppet Theatre
126 N Water St
Lancaster, PA 17603
(717) 394-8398

This fun theater is perfect for families with kids. A number of marionette plays are provided for your entertainment throughout the season. They're usually played during the weekends. You'll see shows like "Peter Pan" and "Here Comes Peter Cottontail" on your visit. There's also a neat puppet museum and a show schedule for adults. Shows for adults are played in the "Over 21 Club." These shows include music and vocals. It's best to reserve your tickets by calling the theater before leaving your Willow Street Inn. Tickets sell out fast, and there's no guarantee that you can purchase them at the door.