A Guide to the Museums in Willow Street, PA

Willow Street in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, takes its name from the many willow trees that are evident throughout the community. The lifestyle enjoyed by the people of this community is epitomized in the quality and choice of museums visitors will discover during their stay. Throughout Lancaster County and in the town of Lancaster itself, there are historical museums dedicated to the wonderful tradition, culture and heritage of this county. A Willow Street inn is the perfect place to plan your museum visits within the area. To get you started, three of the most popular are listed below.

Hans Herr House and Museum
1849 Hans Herr Dr.
Willow Street, PA 17584
(717) 464-4438

This museum has to be at the top of your list. With its ancient exhibits and modern approach to learning all about centuries old lives and lifestyles through hands-on activities and field trips, this particular museum attracts thousands of visitors to Willow Street. It is a favorite place to learn about the history, traditions and culture of the people and of the area, and local families and visitors return time and again to this museum which offers so much in the way of information, education and inspiration.

Heritage Center Museum
13 West King St.
Lancaster, PA 17603
(717) 299-6440

This museum is located just over four miles from Willow Street and is housed in two stunning buildings from the 1790s in Penn Square, Lancaster. Historical local exhibits and items include collections of paintings, centuries-old handmade furniture, children's toys, decorative arts and artifacts from the Amish community. There is even a working 1920s print shop that demonstrates actual printing as it used to be done, and on market days visitors can  print their own souvenirs as a lasting memento of a trip to this museum. Admission to the Heritage Center Museum is free and market days are Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, but confirm in advance.

Amish Farm and House
2395 Route 30 East
Lancaster, PA, 17602

Located less than half an hour from Willow Street, Amish Farm and House is situated on a 15-acre estate and the historic farmhouse itself dates back to 1805. There are guided tours available where Amish life, history, culture and traditions are explained as you listen and enjoy seeing centuries-old Amish clothing and lifestyle items. Visit outhouses such as the centuries-old barn and stables, the original blacksmith's shop and an authentic tobacco stripping room. Watch live demonstrations of an almost forgotten art by the resident woodcarver, who creates beautiful farm animals out of tree branches, and a resident quilter who mesmerizes onlookers with her needlecraft skills and colorful creations. The memories of staying in a Willow Street bed and breakfast when visiting museums in and around Willow Street will stay with you forever.