Troy's Beautiful Gardens

When visiting Troy, Things to Do are very easy to come by. Troy may be known for its gardens, but that's certainly not all that it has to offer. A visit to Troy can be very special and memorable. Troy is a fairly small borough town which is home to under 2000 people.

Bradford Country Farm Museum

Troy, PA 16947
(570) 297-3410

The Bradford Country Farm Museum is a must-see tourist attraction in Troy if you are interested in the history of Farming. This museum houses a collection of vintage farming equipment which was used on the farms in the local area. This isn't just popular with farmers because the museum is also full of lots of interesting artifacts which can help you to learn a lot about the general area of Troy. BBOnline recommend this destination because even children will enjoy everything it has to offer.

The Country Farm Museum is certainly one of the best Troy things to do and should be high up on anyone's list. Until you've visited the museum you won't know anything about farming. Staying at a Troy Inn in the local area is a great central place to see all of these attractions.

Bohlayer's Orchards

RR4 Box 2530
Troy, PA 16947
(717) 297-2480

A visit to Troy during the fall can be very rewarding if you enjoy picking apples. Pennsylvania is a well-known apple-growing region of the country. There are dozens of orchards within easy reach of Troy although Bohlayer's is one of the few actually in the town itself. Picking apples can be surprisingly enjoyable and can actually keep your kids entertained for hours. BBOnline suggest that you make this one of your destinations when visiting Troy because it's not only fun, but it's also a great way to teach your kids that healthy eating is fun.

While you're there you don't just pick apples; you can also pick up some delicious apple juice and perhaps even some cider if the mood takes you.

Bradford County Heritage Museum and Historic Inn

Routes 6 and 14
Troy, PA 16947
(570) 297-3410

If you're interested in history, the Bradford County Heritage Museum is certainly worth a look. This museum will give you a glimpse into what life was like in the area during the 1800's. The museum is interesting and it's home to a blacksmith, various artifacts, woodworking shops and a general store. It's also possible to take a tour of the gardens and Historic Inn.

Troy Pool

Alparon Park
Routes 6 and 14
Troy, PA 16947
(570) 297-3648

If you visit Troy during the summer months and are interested in finding a way to cool off, you might consider a trip to Troy Pool. The pool is located in the scenic Alparon Park which itself is worth a look. Taking a dip in Troy Pool can be a fantastic way to keep cool even during the hottest summer days.

Alparon Park is also home to a number of special events at different times of the year. Some of these are held by the local Rotary club and the Bradford Country Heritage Association, such as the Pennsylvania Heritage Festival which is held in the park every 4 years.

When looking for Troy things to do you really will be spoiled for choice because there are so many different things that you might like to consider. There are also lots of suitable Troy Bed and Breakfasts where you can stay while you are checking out what Troy has to offer.