A Guide to the Bridges in and around Terre Hill, Pennsylvania

When visiting the area in and around Terre Hill, visitors cannot help being amazed at the natural sights they encounter, including some of the oldest covered bridges in Lancaster County. The surrounding countryside is also a photographer's paradise with hills, fields, forests, mountains and some of the most beautiful state parks in the country. Pennsylvania is home to many beautiful villages, towns and cities, but none are quite as inspiring as Terre Hill, where the scenery and local Amish community will make your stay a cherished one. One of the most memorable moments will be the warm and friendly welcome extended to you in a Terre Hill Inn. For a complete guide on all the bridges in and around Terre Hill, visit:

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501 Greenfield Road
Lancaster, PA 17601

Within a few miles of your accommodation, you can discover an unbelievable number of historic covered bridges throughout Lancaster County. This popular area of Pennsylvania boasts more than 25 beautifully constructed and preserved bridges with covered roofs, designed to protect the structures from the weather. In and around Terre Hill you will encounter lots of bridges, but if you want to stay local, here are some bridges that you can visit on foot if you don't have a car.

Red Run Covered Bridge
Earl Township
Terre Hill
Lancaster County, PA 17581

This famous covered bridge lies only two miles northwest of Terre Hill. The Red Run Covered Bridge was built in 1866 by Elias McMellen. Locally, it is also known as Oberholtzer's Mill Bridge due to former owner John Oberholtzer. You might also hear it being called the Red Bank Bridge or the Run Red Grist Mill Bridge. It was replaced as a 'working' bridge in 1961 when a new concrete structure was built nearby and the aptly named Muddy Creek below re-routed to bypass the historical old bridge, which is now privately owned and closed to traffic to preserve its historical value.

Melvin Weaver Covered Bridge
Terre Hill
Union Grove
(Across pond inlet E)
Lancaster County, PA

Although this bridge is not as big nor as famous as the Red Run Covered Bridge, the Melvin Weaver Covered Bridge is just as popular with visitors to Terre Hill. It makes a stunning backdrop to family photographs, especially when paying the local covered bridge toll, which traditionally takes the romantic form of a kiss and not money. Whether you are driving around Lancaster County or staying within the boundaries of Terre Hill, you can set off on your trips knowing that you have quality and comfortable accommodation to return to if you have booked a Terre Hill Bed and Breakfast.