Affordable Meals near Your Pittsburgh Bed and Breakfast

Whether you are staying at a Pittsburgh Bed and Breakfast or are on a day trip to Pittsburgh, make it a point to sample the food offered at the restaurants here. You can have a wonderful meal without causing a hole in your wallet. BBOnline recommends the following restaurants in Pittsburgh.

Lulu Noodles
400 S. Craig St.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213-3709
(412) 687-7777

For the budget conscious traveler, Lulu Noodles offers an inexpensive dining option. Come here early in order to avoid the lunch time crowd. The restaurant is a popular local hangout, as it offers food at reasonable prices. This is a Chinese restaurant that serves mouthwatering dishes. The average rate of the entrées at this restaurant is $5. Choose from the house special chicken and egg noodles or juicy pork chili. The fried rice and the shredded chicken in Hunan sauce is another crowd favorite. Ask for directions before you leave from your Pittsburgh Bed and Breakfast.

Original Hotdog

3901 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213-3507
(412) 621-7388

This Hot Dog restaurant has a huge fan following in the whole of Pittsburgh. Ask for directions at your Pittsburgh Bed and Breakfast and venture out to this restaurant. The restaurant serves the most amazing hot dogs, perfectly cooked and flavored. Not only does it please the appetite, but also the wallet. The chili dog and the Mexican dog are the most sold items at this restaurant. You can also try the bacon and cheese filled hot dogs. The chicken sandwich with cheese is another must-try dish at this restaurant.

Sree's Restaurant
701 Smithfield St.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222
(412) 288-9992

Sree's is an authentic Indian restaurant in Pittsburgh. The restaurant focuses on serving quality food at affordable rates. It has a menu set out for every day of the week. You can enjoy some delicious vegetarian as well as chicken dishes here. The restaurant doesn't serve any red meat. The lentils and rice with egg curry makes for a wholesome meal. The chicken fry is marinated overnight and tastes superb. The steamed rice cakes, Indian pancakes and samosas make for a great snack. Make sure to work up an appetite before you step out of your Pittsburgh Inn.

1207 E. Carson St.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15203-1228
(412) 381-1820

Enjoy some Middle Eastern food at this restaurant. Kassab's is a quality restaurant that is known for its scrumptious preparations. The restaurant is apt for a budget traveler. The food will elevate your mood and please your palate. The chicken roll in the garlic mayonnaise is a classic Middle Eastern dish. The grilled chicken served over a bed of rice is full of flavor. The kebabs are fresh out of the grill and are served with pita bread. Try the lamb shashlik as well; you will keep coming back for more.

11 Cherry Rt.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219
(412) 566-8051

Enter this all-American restaurant and eat to your heart's content. The dishes in this restaurant range from $2 to $7. It offers a good mix of soul food as well as low calorie items. The menu boasts of five different types of fries, the best being fries with bacon bits and cheese. The chicken breast is grilled to perfection. The vegetable soup and chicken soup are out of this world.