Explore Lancaster County Amish Attractions near New Holland

The slow-paced life of the Lancaster County Amish makes for a relaxing vacation spot. Lancaster County is a popular place to shop and enjoy the beautiful country side. Close to your New Holland Bed and Breakfast you can drive through the scenic country roads and covered bridges, peruse the quaint shops and enjoy an Amish home cooked meal.

Buggy Rides and Back Roads

There are many different options to tour the scenic back roads that the Lancaster County Amish call home. There are a variety of tours not far from your New Holland Inn. Several companies offer authentic Amish buggy rides. Generally the buggy rides take about 35 minutes. As you travel about four miles through the countryside, you will view Amish farms, scenic farmland and covered bridges.


If antiques are your passion there are plenty of opportunities for all collectors. Adamstown has developed a reputation as the "Antiques Capital" of the United States. The town is located in northeastern Lancaster County just south of Reading. Here you can wheel and deal for those special items that interest you. Collectors and dealers have descended on this little town to do just that since the early 1960s.

Amish Goodie Tour

Lancaster Amish Tours offers the one-of-a-kind "Goodie" tour. On the tour you experience the sweet smells of the goodies baked up by the Amish women. You will see how they make the treats and receive a baking lesson from an expert Amish baker. The sweet thing is, you get to take home your treat with the recipe in hand.

The Amish Experience
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There are many opportunities to tour the Amish farmlands, whether it be on an air conditioned bus tour with a guide, in your car with a guide or listening to an audio tape which is available to travelers. You can take a buggy ride, a hot air balloon ride or just get in your car with the map and head down the scenic back roads. It is also possible to take an Amish V.I.P. Tour (Visit In person) which takes you to explore three Amish homes that include visiting a farm during milking time. You will see how the cows are milked and how the milk is kept cool without electricity. You'll visit a home where you can observe an interesting handcraft being made. The tour also includes visiting a family in their home where you can just sit and talk. This tour is called the Lancaster County Heritage Tour.  

Factory Tours


Another fun thing to do close to your New Holland Bed and Breakfast is take advantage of the factory tours. Some of your favorite treats come from the Lancaster County Amish area. Herr's Snack Factory offers a fun tour which includes a taste of warm potato chips. It is on the Intercourse Pretzel Factory tour and at the Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery that visitors learn the skill of getting just the right twist on the pretzels. Kreider Dairy Farm offers tours that show visitors the milking carousel, and everyone learns fun facts along the way. How about a little chocolate to go with your milk? Hershey is not far away and there are many things to do in the town with the aroma of chocolate and Hershey's Kiss street lights.