Gettysburg Travel: Suggested Itineraries from Mercersburg

Gettysburg travel itineraries are all about ghosts and the Civil War. History buffs and those interested in the paranormal will have a great time here. Let BBOnline show you around this beautiful town.

Sleepy Hollow Ghost Tours
240 Steinwehr Avenue
Gettysburg. Pennsylvania 17325

The Sleepy Hollow tour held downtown is the only ghost tour that equips you with an electronic device which lights up in the presence of a ghost. However, this tour is more interesting than scary. Kids enjoy the ghost stories told by costumed guides and learn some history in the process. Try the Seminary Ridge Tour.

Don't forget your camera. It will spot ghosts that you can't. People have been surprised to find spirit orbs and figures not visible to the naked eye in the photographs they've taken. It's worth adding this tour to your Gettysburg travel plans during your stay at your Mercersburg Bed and Breakfast

Miss Betty's Ghosts in Gettysburg
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 17325

Miss Betty, a paranormal enthusiast and well-known storyteller, leads this intriguing ghost tour. You really get the feel of the time with the costumed Miss Betty playing the role of a southern woman looking for her lost soldier husband. In her 21st century avatar, she'll regale you with ghost stories and historical tidbits.

Her choice of haunted places - such as the covered bridge is excellent. Many of these don't feature on other ghost tours. Sometimes you get to watch presentations from famous local paranormal researchers like Mark Anstine. The Haunted Barn is a great place for spirit photographs. The gazebo on the site of a Northern field hospital is particularly chilling. It's been covered by the Travel Channel's "Mysterious Journeys." The ghosts of soldiers guarding Miss Betty have been seen here.

Gettysburg Museum of History
219 Baltimore Street
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 17325
(717) 337-2035

A Gettysburg travel guide will feature several museums, but this one in a historic home is the one to see. The small museum is packed with plenty of interesting things to explore such as relics from various American Presidents, the history of the town and World War II. Check out the Kennedy Room. The museum is a special treat for those interested in American military history and politics. Admission is free.

American Civil War Museum
297 Steinwehr Avenue
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 17325
(717) 334-6245

On the museum's self-guided tour, you'll watch a recreation of the Battle of Gettysburg, learn about the Civil War, the assassination of President Lincoln and listen to an animatronic Abe Lincoln deliver his Gettysburg Address. The Gift Shop is a winner with its affordable war souvenirs, collectibles and educational material.

International Museum of Spiritual Investigations
231 Baltimore Street
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 17325
(717) 398-2026

After the Gettysburg Museum of History, visit this unique museum which facilitates paranormal evidence and is said to be haunted. Watch a spirit video and look at tons of spirit photographs, listen to EVPs (recordings of ghost voices) and more. The staff is friendly and informative. Regular workshops are held here on Spirit Investigation. The museum is a valuable addition to your Gettysburg travel itinerary. After a day of ghost hunting, enjoy a peaceful night in your cozy Mercersburg Inn.