Visit the Beautiful White Clay Creek in Landenberg, Pennsylvania

The beautiful White Clay Creek Preserve in Landenberg commands approximately 1,240 acres of natural, lush countryside and is open to visitors from 8 a.m. until sunset. Activities for all ages are available and a day spent in White Clay Creek will be a day to remember for a lifetime, as will your stay in a Landenberg Inn. However, one day is not enough to see and do all that is on offer in this stunning and picturesque part of Pennsylvania.

White Clay Creek Preserve
404 Sharpless Rd.
Landenberg, PA19350
(610) 274-2900

Advance information is available from the office regarding opening times, access for people with disabilities and official rules and regulations regarding certain activities. Treat yourself to a visit to remember from your Landenberg Bed and Breakfast, where you can relax and unwind after an adventure of discovery in the Preserve.

Due to the spectacular scenery, recreational and cultural value, unique and rare plants and the different species of wildlife that have made White Clay Creek their habitat, the Preserve has been designated as a National Wild and Scenic River by Congress. It is meticulously cared for so that both present and future generations can share in and enjoy its natural wonders.

Recreation for all Ages

There are a host of recreational activities for all ages and in order to maintain the natural beauty of this wonderful park, some have stricter regulations than others. White Clay Creek Preserve is open throughout the year. Some activities are seasonal while others are available all year round. If you are an angler, the Creek is stocked with fish several times in one season and has a reputation for being one of the best trout fishing rivers in Pennsylvania. For fishing rules and regulations, those who want to fish the Creek are advised to visit:

Deer hunting is available on more than 1,800 acres of White Clay Creek, and is very carefully monitored. There are many rules and regulations that apply to hunting and it is essential to contact the park office for a run-down on permission, licenses, restrictions and the many regulations regarding firearms and archery equipment. A reliable source of information is:

Trails near White Clay Creek

For the more active visitors to White Clay Creek, there are hiking trails that have been designed to allow as much exploration of the park without disturbing the wildlife. Cyclists must stick to marked sections of the Edwin Leid Trail and are permitted to cycle along roads and borders within the Preserve. If horseback riding appeals, there is a spectacular equestrian trail that stretches for eight miles in the northern section of White Clay Creek, and skiing fans can use the bridle and hiking trails when enough snow falls during the winter months.