Explore Glen Mills Shopping Options

Although the area is full of large corporate stores, there are some unique Glen Mills shopping possibilities waiting for you. You may not notice the little boutique shops at first sight, but they offer many unique items and are definitely worth visiting. Here are some BBOnline recommendations for you.

Delightful Detail Custom Embroidery
1-99 Bennetts Ln
Glen Mills, Pennsylvania 19342
(215) 514-0675‎

Delightful Detail is a unique local shop, specializing in custom embroidery and promotional products. It is a family-owned business, so be sure that you'll get some special attention as a customer. The people working at the shop are very friendly and always ready to help you. This is a great place to visit, if you want to buy some little souvenirs to remind you of the wonderful stay at your Glen Mills Bed and Breakfast.

Brandywine Valley Consigners
1111 Smithbridge Road
Glen Mills, Pennsylvania 19342
(610) 459-1952

Brandywine Valley Consigners is another family-operated store offering some excellent Glen Mills shopping opportunities. The store specializes in unique items. These include handcrafted goods, small furnishings and boutique clothing. A big number of the items here are either vintage or antique, although there are some new items as well. Most of them are supplied by local families. Whether you're a buyer or just a browser, you will be welcomed by the owners and you will have the chance to browse untroubled, until you find what you're looking for.

Critter Run Antiques
731 Smithbridge Rd
Glen Mills, Pennsylvania 19342
(610) 558-3260

You will have a great Glen Mills shopping experience visiting the Critter Run Antiques shop. This place is run by professionals and a big number of the items offered in the shop are real gems. Even if you have no idea of antiques, the owners are very kind to explain interesting details on the different items and to share their knowledge with you. This place is a must-visit. Don't miss the chance to go there, even if you don't plan to buy anything.

Lees Gallery & Framing
134 Wilmington Pike
Glen Mills, Pennsylvania 19342
(610) 358-1779

Walking around your Glen Mills Inn, you will have a wonderful time visiting Lees Gallery and Framing. The shop offers unique and custom picture framing, as well as professional restorations. The prices are reasonable for the perfect services you get here. Lees Gallery exhibits works by talented artists from all over Pennsylvania and you will be surely able to find something interesting to bring home as a memory from your stay in Glen Mills.

Strawberry Sampler
364 Wilmington Pike
Glen Mills, Pennsylvania 19342
(610) 459-8580

The Strawberry Sampler is a store focusing on cross-stitching and cross-stitching supplies. Even if you're not familiar with this wonderful embroidery art and don't know how to embroider the models by yourself, you can choose from numerous completed models that are available for sale. They are truly unique and not only a great Glen Mills souvenir, but also real artworks. The Strawberry Sampler is run by a nice local family that is very friendly to its customers.