Don't Miss Pennsylvania Amish Country while Staying in Columbia

While enjoying your Columbia Inn, take a day and visit Pennsylvania Amish Country. This popular area makes for a scenic day of farms, history, shopping and eating, all while enjoying the slower pace of the Amish life.

Buggy Rides
Aaron and Jessica's Buggy Rides
3121a Old Philadelphia Pike
Bird In Hand, Pennsylvania 17505

Step out of your car and back in time to enjoy one of the most popular Pennsylvania Amish Country attractions, an Amish buggy ride. A variety of places offer rides. Aaron and Jessica's offers a good mix of options including a scenic ride past the well kept Amish farms, a cookie stop, Clydesdale horses or an Amish Journey that visits farms, a store, a water powered flour mill, animals, home-baked goods and more. To customize your ride, just ask. You will see covered bridges, school houses and much more on the tours. They're open year round. Visit the website for seasonal hours.

Amish Goodie Tour

Take a tasty Amish treat home to your Columbia Bed and Breakfast. Spend some time with Linda Fisher for a baking lesson and the secrets of the Amish mouthwatering goodies. She is an Old Order Amish expert baker. The conversation is good and the smells sweet. This is the only tour of its kind. It takes about an hour and a half.

Factory Tours

Factory tours are plentiful in Pennsylvania Amish Country. Many tasty treats come from this area, and factories open their doors to visitors. You truly can smell the chocolate in Hershey, PA. Ride through a simulated chocolate factory where you learn the ins and outs of chocolate from the bean to the candy bar and enjoy a sweet sample at the tour's end. Learn where the milk comes from to go with that chocolate syrup. At Kreider Dairy Farm, visitors see the inventive milking carousel in action. Herr's Snack Factory tour is filled with snack knowledge and some warm potato chips for you. For a twist, learn how to make pretzels at the Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery and the Intercourse Pretzel Factory.

The Amish Experience
3121 Old Philadelphia Pike, Route 340
Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505
717-768-3600, Ext. 210

This tour is truly an Amish Experience. It is the oldest and the largest Amish touring center in the U.S. and close to your Columbia Inn. You visit farmlands, enjoy a guided walk through the Heritage Site Amish House and visit farms and homes during milking time. You will get a sense for how things are done without electricity. See how crafts are made and sit down and talk with an Amish family in their home on the Lancaster County Heritage Tour. You can also take in an FX Theater production, the story of a family facing the challenges of today's life as old order Amish.

Exit 286 off the Turnpike
Adams Antique Mile
PA Route 272

Lancaster County is known for its variety of shopping. You will find something amazing. Many Columbia Inn visitors find Adamstown makes for a great day trip. It is known as the Antique Capital of the U.S. Dealers have been making this a home for their treasures since 1960. Collectors flock to find the "latest" antiques. Lancaster County is known for its outlet malls, crafts, quilts, furniture and other Amish handcrafted items. You will find shops in almost every town.

The Pennsylvania Amish Country is a treasure and visitors will find something to pique their interest, from farms, horses, quilts, farmers markets and restaurants, along with with down home cooking.