Explore Streams, Meadows and other Natural Wonders in the Bellefonte Area

The Bellefonte area is known for its natural beauty and Victorian charm. Bellefonte offers the visitors a chance to soak in the lifestyle and hospitality of an old town. This place is blessed with several natural wonders. BBOnline recommends visiting the following sites while you're in Bellefonte.

Big Spring
Bellefonte, PA

The Bellefonte area owes its name to the most famous natural wonder of the region, called the Big Spring. This is a natural spring located in the heart of Bellefonte, and the name was suggested by a French statesman during his visit to the spring. The spring is sacred to the locals because it is still the main water supply source for the whole of Bellefonte. The beauty of this spring has caught the attention of several painters, and they have tried to capture its charm in several paintings. It is located close to the match factory.

Spring Creek
Bellefonte, PA

Spring Creek runs through the Bellefonte area. You can drive from your Bellefonte Bed and Breakfast to this magnificent natural occurrence. The creek is a limestone spring and is a well known fishing spot in Pennsylvania. Anglers from all over the country travel this far to take up the fishing challenge offered by the creek. It is also a great place for beginners to try their luck at fishing.

Little Juniata River

Travel 50 minutes to central Pennsylvania to reach the Little Juniata River. The formation of this river is spectacular, with several small streams joining together to form the "Little J," as it is fondly referred to by the locals. The river is great if you would like to go canoeing or kayaking. Sitting on the banks of this river can be truly therapeutic, with its pristine water and beautiful scenic vistas. You can either rent a car or take the local transport from your Bellefonte Inn to the Little Juniata River.

Crystal Cave Park
963 Crystal Cave Road
Kutztown, PA 19530
(610) 683-6765

Crystal Cave Park is a natural wonder located close to Bellefonte. It is highly recommended to take this three-hours trip. The Crystal Cave was discovered in 1871 and is an underground phenomenon. The walk in the cave is a highly anticipated event by tourists, as the experience is both adventurous and fun. The highlights of the 45 minute walk are the crystal formations and other natural sculptures and rock formations.

Wissahickon Creek Tributary Falls
Wissahickon Valley Park, PA

This natural wonder will take your breath away with its striking view. Wissahickon Creek forms a cascade waterfall that is buoyant throughout the year. Wissahickon Creek Tributary Falls is located in the Wissahickon Valley Park. You can visit this place and catch a glimpse of the towering waterfall. This place is great for the entire family. This is a hidden treasure and features as a must-see attraction in Pennsylvania.