Portland Things to Do: 3 Enticing Art Galleries

At the top of your Portland Things to Do list, it should be to visit the amazing art galleries. BBonline recommends heading to one of these 3 enticing art galleries for a great time together with family and friends or even just by yourself.

3D Center of Art and Photography
1928 N.W. Lovejoy Street
Portland, Oregon 97209
Phone: (503) 227-6667

One of the first things that you should after checking in at your Portland Bed and Breakfast should be to to head to this museum dedicated to  antique and contemporary 3D images, equipment and books. The owners of this not for profit museum claim that it is the only of its kind in the whole United States. Visitors of the 3D Center of Art and Photography will be able not only to view all kind of 3D images using the 3D glasses but also view 3D films, slide shows and the high tech equipment required to create 3D work. The best day to visit this center is the first Thursday of every month because admission is free. There is also free admission for children under 15 years of age.

Portland Art Museum
1219 S.W. Park Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97205
Phone: (503) 226-2811

If you're staying at a Portland Inn that happens to be nearby Portland's downtown cultural district, BBOnline recommends that you stop at Oregon's oldest art museum. The Portland Art Museum holds a collection of over 40,000 objects in its 112,000 square feet of exhibition space. This museum caters to groups of 12 or more people by offering a $4 off the admission price per person. Reservations are required for this discount. Children and teenagers under 17 years of age enter the museum for free. The Portland Art Museum hosts every year the Portland International Film Festival which draws crowds from nearby states, making it hard to get tickets. If you're planning to visit Portland for the film festival make sure to get your tickets in advance.

Portland Japanese Garden
611 S.W. Kingston Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97205
Phone: (503) 223-1321

The Portland Japanese Garden combines the beauty of an art gallery with the excitement of being outdoors. Located above the International Rose Test Garden, this garden offers 5 authentic Japanese gardening styles on 5.5 acres of open space. The Portland Japanese Garden is considered the most authentic Japanese Garden outside of Japan. Visitors to the Portland Japanese Garden during late February, will be welcomed by blooming cherry blossoms. Besides the beautiful collection of trees such as weeping willows and box woods, you will experience examples from Japanese architecture such as a tea house and a zig zag bridge.