Take Time to See Historic Port Orford Homes and Landmarks

A visit here simply wouldn't be complete without a tour of the many historic Port Orford Homes. The histories of these houses are very special, and learning about them can be great fun. There are also lots of other landmarks which are worth exploring and investigating. When visiting to enjoy the landmarks and the historic homes in the area, you will find it easiest if you stay in a local Port Orford Bed and Breakfast.

Cape Blanco Lighthouse
Cape Blanco
Port Orford, OR
(541) 332-0248

Cape Blanco Lighthouse is the most westerly located building which is on the historic register. The lighthouse was first lit in 1870 and is one of the most instantly recognizable landmarks in Port Orford. It can be seen from all over the region and was once used by sailors to triangulate their position. Although this is a short drive from the center of Port Orford, it's worth taking the time to visit.

Historic Hughes House
Cape Blanco
Port Orford, OR
(541) 332-0248

Cape Blanco is home to a number of other historic buildings, including the Hughes House, which is a large house made from Port Orford cedar. This is quite an extravagant house and it's certainly worth a visit. Simply looking out at the coastline from Cape Blanco is also worthwhile. The Historic Hughes House is owned and managed by the same people as the Cape Blanco Lighthouse. As they are located in the same place, it's possible to visit both in the same day.

The home was built in 1898 and it cost $3,800 in total to construct. This was a lot of money at the time. The Hughes Ranch is a two-story house which has eleven rooms. The home remained without electricity until 1942. At the same time the home received indoor plumbing. The interior of the house is beautiful and very extravagant. There is a large staircase which has a stunning mahogany banister.

Port Orford Lifeboat Station
Point Orford Heritage Society
P.O. Box 1132
Port Orford, OR 97465
(541) 332-0521

The lifeboat station was built in 1934 and is a very important building in Port Orford. Its importance has been recognized and it is now on the register of historic places and buildings. The lifeboat station remained in operation until 1970, after which the buildings were converted into a museum. If you're interested in the sea or just want to see some beautiful old buildings, you should visit the lifeboat station in Port Orford. It will be easy and convenient if you decide to stay in a local Port Orford Inn.

The Port
Highway 101
Port Orford, OR

Port Orford has a unique port which is different from many others. It features a dolly dock which is fascinating to watch in action. You will also be able to see waves and watch them as they crash against the rocks and port. The port is an ideal location for fishing, where you can catch rock fish and cod among many other types. Anyone who is interested in relaxing in beautiful surroundings should check out the port.