Have a Depoe Bay Whale Watching Adventure

A claim to the world's smallest navigable harbor (a meager 6 acres long) may seem unimpressive to most, with brows raised and smiles strained, incredulous. But Oregon bears the title with pride and its Depoe Bay whale watching tours allow visitors to sail admittedly tiny waters, offering joyous days and exciting evenings. Discover that good things do indeed come in unexpected ways. BBOnline recommends Depoe and its many thrills.

Depoe Bay Whale Watching: Proximity

Journey from the easy luxury of your Depoe Bay Inn into the surrounding sea. Oregon provides more than breathtaking scenery and quaint avenues. It instead allows a close distance to the Pacific Ocean (many harbors lead directly into it, with only a matter of miles to separate them). And it is this distance that grants every guest the right to indulge in the adventures of whale watching. No longer trek from coast to coast, searching for that ideal location. You can now simply relax and enjoy.

Depoe Bay Whale Watching: Species and Speciality

Though few could deny that Oregon's abundance of mountain trails and river curls mark it a traveler's paradise (none can rival the sheer expanse of wilderness to be found there), fewer still could refuse the state's particular kind of majesty. Grey Whales circle here 10 months out of the year, bringing with them grace and a haunting beauty. These magnificent creatures can be seen from the decks of the many available ships - up close and personal. For those seeking a truly unique experience, this is it.

Depoe Bay Whale Watching: Choose Wisely

You will face many decisions while in Oregon; with most of them demanding your attention before you even leave your Depoe Bay Bed and Breakfast. But BBOnline suggests that there is one choice you should already have an answer to, before your trip even begins: which whale watching tour should you try? There are many establishments within the harbor and you must decide which best suits your sailing needs. The most popular ship services are:

270 Coast Guard Place
Depoe Bay, Oregon 97341
(541) 765-2545

With Skipper Bill Mills at the helm, you are certain to enjoy your vacation. A 34-foot Luhrs ship will take you where you wish and an experienced crew will ensure your time is content. You'll find whales and more. This charter is open every day (weather permitting) and strives to both educate and entertain. Watch the migrations while also attempting to catch the famed local salmon. It's ideal for an afternoon adventure. Group reservations are recommended.

Whale's Tail
270 Coast Guard Place
Depoe Bay, Oregon 97341
(541) 765-2545

This charter may seem an unlikely choice. After all, it only allows 6 individuals to participate in each trip. Such an intimate number, however, creates an experience like no other. Let Captains Gary and Kit Stephenson offer you a daring ride on their Zodiac ship. This inflatable boat will bring you close to the water and the whales. It's true excitement. Excursions begin at 8 a.m. and last until evening. Reserve your hour and schedule accordingly.

Depoe Bay Mariner
Dock 1 Depoe Bay Harbor
Depoe Bay, Oregon 97341
(541) 270-6163

Captain Dan Zimmerman and crew have been pleasing guests for over 30 years. Their dedication to providing quality trips and quality rates has created a reputation unmatched. For a mere $30.00, guests are treated to a two-hour event. Gray whale sightings are guaranteed, and returning to the harbor with satchels filled with halibut is a must. The service is provided throughout the year and will impress.