Ashland Restaurants: Great Breakfast

Before setting out to watch one of the plays at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, make sure you have a big, hearty breakfast at one of the best Ashland restaurants near your Ashland Inn. After all, you will still have a lot of time left for some white-water rafting or wine tasting at one of the wine valley's wineries. Yes, you will certainly need a lot of energy to get you through the day of adventure, gustatory and all, in this part of Oregon. Here are some great suggestions from BBonline to start your day in Ashland.

Morning Glory Restaurant
1149 Siskyou Blvd.
Ashland, Oregon 97250
(541) 488-8636

A cozy, delightful place for one of the best breakfasts you will ever have in your visit to Oregon - that is what Morning Glory Restaurant is to both locals and tourists who have visited the area. The place offers your favorite classic American breakfasts such as omelets, pancakes and waffles but with a foreign twist to everything to keep things exciting. Try out the restaurant's rock shrimp or bacon omelet, or their soulful sourdough blueberry pancakes, and you will see why everybody who has visited Morning Glory keeps coming back, even after years of not having been in Oregon.

Greenleaf Restaurant
49 N. Main Street
Ashland, Oregon 97520
(541) 482-2808

One of the best Ashland restaurants, Greenleaf is not only well-known for its mouth-watering breakfasts, but also for its vegetarian-friendly spanakopita and other dishes made of organic ingredients. There is a huge array of breakfast choices and you can choose among omelets, scrambles, frittatas, pancakes, French toasts and waffles. The place is also a great venue to sit back with your family and enjoy a great view of the famed Lithia Creek. After enjoying your breakfast at the Greenleaf Restaurant, you can take a slow walk back to your Ashland Bed and Breakfast to work out a little sweat.

Brothers' Restaurant
95 N. Main Street
Ashland, Oregon 97520
(451) 482-9671

When you're craving a cheese omelet or a French toast at one o'clock in the afternoon, visit Brothers' Restaurant. It's one of those harder-to-find Ashland restaurants that serve breakfast the entire day. Brothers' Restaurant has been in operation for nearly 35 years and, until now, never fails to keep its patrons from coming back. With one of the biggest selections of breakfast items, Brothers' Restaurant is sure to satisfy all sorts of taste buds and personalities. Pick your own kind of cheese or choose from more than two dozen choices of omelets and scrambles. You can give in to your sweet tooth's wishes (just a little) with the Brothers' homemade scones, hotcakes or fresh fruit mixes.

These three breakfast restaurants in Ashland are sure to give you a fresh start to each day you spend in town. All of them accept reservations for special breakfast dates or meetings, and they will accommodate your request for a take-out if you're feeling a little lazy or the weather is not too kind. Happy Ashland touring!