Hot Spots: A Guide to Tulsa's Best Bars

For blend of the south and the west, BBonline recommends a trip through the vibrant city of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Being Oklahoma’s second largest city, Tulsa nightlife can rank among the best with upscale bars and nightclubs. With southern charm and a touch of the old west, it offers many activities for its visitors, and is full of surprises.

The Sound Pony Lounge
409 N. Main Street
Tulsa, OK 74103
(918) 582-7669

Opened by two friends in 1996, BBonline recommends the Sound Pony Lounge as one of Tulsa’s top nightclubs. Situated in the historical Brady district of downtown Tulsa, The Sound Pony Lounge is ranked as one of the best venues for live entertainment. Their taste is varied and the type of music depends on the night. The Sound Pony Lounge is open to local talent and is known for promoting new acts. Booking into a Tulsa Inn can ensure visitors the opportunity to enjoy the club to its fullest.

The Vintage Wine Bar
1740 S. Boston Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74119
(918) 582-0700

For those that like a more calm and peaceful setting, BBonline recommends The Vintage Wine Bar. With more than 60 wines on the menu that vary from month to month, The Vintage Wine Bar is the perfect place to relax, unwind and indulge in some of the world's finest brands. There is also a fully functioning bar, serving a selection of mixed drinks, cocktails and spirits. The Vintage Wine Bar is open Monday through Saturday, from 4pm onwards. Guests may wish to enhance the experience by staying at a near by Tulsa Bed and Breakfast.

Kilkenny’s Irish Pub
1413 E. 15th Street
Tulsa, OK 74119
(918) 582-8282

If you fancy a bit of Ireland in the heart of Oklahoma, BBonline recommends Kilkenny’s Irish Pub. The pub was actually designed in Ireland with measurements being brought back and forth to make the perfect fit. Kilkenny’s Irish Pub is known for its calm and welcoming atmosphere, catering to the locals and still attracting visitors from around the world. The charming atmosphere is just the beginning. Kilkenny’s boasts an award winning menu that will please anyone’s palate. Why not enhance the Kilkenny experience by staying in a high quality Tulsa Bed and Breakfast?

The Bruhouse Bar and Grill
3421 S. Peoria St.
Tulsa, OK 74105
(918) 743-7200

With a reputation for serving the best blackened chicken in town, BBonline recommends the Bruhouse Bar and Grill. Serving half pound burgers with an excellent selection of soups and appetizers, this local establishment is definitely worth a visit. Live music is played from Wednesday to Saturday, night featuring new and local artists. Visitors to the Bruhouse Bar and Grill rave about the quality of the food and the service provided. Late nights are made so much easier for a guest that stays in a Tulsa Inn. You can enjoy a good time, Oklahoma style, knowing you're not far from where you're going to sleep.