Chickasaw National Recreation Area and More near Sulphur

Waiting within Ohio's southern borders is Sulphur. This small town bears an unusual name inspired by an unusual geography - mountains, forests and the expected sulphuric springs make this location unique. And, with such attractions as the Chickasaw National Recreation Area waiting to be explored, it is certain to appeal to all. Families will find an uncommon adventure here, and BBOnline urges you to embrace it.

Chickasaw National Recreation Area
1008 West 2nd Street
Sulphur, Oklahoma 73086-4814
(580) 622-3161

Discover beauty beyond your Sulphur inn. The Chickasaw National Recreation Area offers over 9,000 acres to enjoy. Hike, hunt, swim and kayak through an impressive collection of hills and lakes. The park is diverse in its landscapes and will never bore. There are countless trails and river banks to follow, along with recreational centers and observation posts. And it's here that the famed Sulphur springs can be found. Praised once for their supposed healing qualities, they are now a tourist's delight. They're not to be missed. Admission is free and the park is open 24 hours a day. Visitors are recommended to come during the quiet months of October through March, however, to avoid the heavy crowds.

Turner Falls Park
I-35 and Highway 77
Davis, Oklahoma 73030
(580) 369-2988

Settled within the Arbuckle Mountains, Turner Falls Park is a quick journey from your Sulphur bed and breakfast and one that is certain to delight. This geological treasure offers an abundance of caves, waterfalls, beaches and rock formations. Days can be spent searching through its 1,500 acres. There is even a castle (built in 1930 by Dr. Ellsworth Collins, it is made entirely of local stone and is a maze of narrow passages and tiny doors). The park is open every day and features reasonable rates: $9.99 for adults and $6.00 for children. Pets are allowed but must be supervised. Summer is the most popular season for Turner Falls. Those wishing to avoid sharing their vacation with strangers should look to autumn instead.

Lake of the Arbuckles
Arbuckle Mountains
Davis, Oklahoma 73030

Though posed near Chickasaw National, Lake of the Arbuckles is its own wonder. Spanning over 30 miles and surrounded by forests, it's perfect for days of swimming and sun. Drive in and be met with convenient shores, docks and boat launches. Entering the water is as simple as enjoying it. And fisherman will be relieved: the lake is brimming with trout, bass and other creatures. Search the waves and see what you can catch. While there is no admission fee, there is a boat launch cost. Permits must be purchased for $4.00 per vehicle. If you choose to rent one of the nearby pavilions, it will be $30.00. Pets must be supervised and are not allowed within the water. The lake is available all year and provides seasonal entertainments. Scheduling will not be difficult.

Sulphur's name may mark it an uncertain destination, but attractions like the Chickasaw National park will soothe any concerns. It's time to find the wild.