5 Reasons to Visit Stuart, OK

Your travel to Stuart, OK will be incomplete without visiting the main attractions in and around the place. This tourist destination is known for its rich cultural heritage and beautiful vistas. BBOnline recommends the following attractions as a must see on your trip to Stuart.

1. Pioneer Coal Miner Memorial
Chadick Park S
400 3rdStreet
McAlester, OK
(918) 423-2550

Get ready to set out on an emotional trip. Just 25 minutes from your Stuart Inn is the Pioneer Coal Miner Memorial. The Pioneer Coal Miner Memorial pays tribute to hundreds of miners who gave their sweat and blood to the mine. The memorial is a means to remind the visitors of the number of lives that were lost in the mining accident. You will find flowers and candles at the memorial left behind by the families of the miners.

2. Choctaw Casino
1638 S George Nigh Expressway
McAlester, OK
(918) 423-6404

Spend a lazy afternoon away from your Stuart Bed and Breakfast in the lap of fun and excitement at the Choctaw Casino. You can play several games that will test your ability as well as your luck. The slot machines are highly addictive as the chances of winning are high. This casino offers great entertainment to those visiting Stuart as it is just a short drive away. The casino also has live entertainment and is open 7 days a week.

3. Garrard Ardeneum
501 North 5th Street
McAlester, OK
(918) 423-1555

Garrard Ardeneum is one of the most popular buildings in McAlester. This has turned into a highly sought after attraction due to its overwhelming beauty and landscaping. Visitors can stroll through the gardens and enjoy the fresh green surroundings. Inside the building one will find several artifacts that bring back the past and the memories associated with it. You can view the unique furnishings and several historical items.

4. McAlester Scottish Rite Masonic Centre
305 N. 2nd Street
McAlester, OK 74502
(918) 423-6360

McAlester Scottish Rite Masonic Centre has been classified as one of America’s most beautiful temples. This building stands tall at 140 feet and is visited by tourists from around the world. It houses the Kimball organ known for its 3100 pipes and has a total value of half a million dollars. There are guided tours available for those who wish to explore this attraction. Take an appointment before you leave Stuart OK.

5. Tannehill Family Heirloom & Gun Museum
500 W Stonewall
McAlester, OK
(918) 423-5953

This museum will take you on a journey that will unravel the history of McAlester. You will get to know about the local celebrities and the goons who made news. You can glance through the gun collection and the doll collection. The Shirley Temple dolls make for a great exhibit and the fact that they are original, adds to the charm. You need to make a prior appointment before visiting this attraction. This attraction is a short drive away from Stuart, OK.